The wife put the whole cabbage in the pot to boil, making the husband’s eyes widen, thinking it was clumsy but the result was surprising

Cabbage is one of the vegetables that are so familiar to Vietnamese people, used to process many dishes such as boiled, stir-fried, pickled, etc. In which, perhaps boiled cabbage is the most popular because of its ease of use. Easy to make and easy to eat. With this dish, the maker just needs to cut the cabbage into bite-sized pieces, wash the vegetables and put them in the boiling pot. However, recently, a clip recording the cooking scene of a wife with the scene of putting the whole cabbage in a boiling pot made the husband and many netizens roll their eyes.

But do not rush to judge it as clumsy, because this is a very delicious dish from that cabbage.

The wife put the whole cabbage in the pot, making the husband roll his eyes (TikTok screenshot @trangkiudaily)

Specifically, it is the steamed cabbage roll dish, made for the family by his wife Trang Kiu. This is not a strange dish, but not everyone has ever made or seen the steps to make it, so they are surprised with this step of boiling cabbage.

To get the cabbage leaves soft enough to roll meat, one will have to boil or blanch the whole plant in hot water. At that time, the cabbage leaves are easier to separate intact. If you leave the cabbage raw but separate the leaves, the leaves will easily tear, when rolled, it will not be beautiful and more difficult to roll.

Cabbage rolls with meat after completion (TikTok screenshot @trangkiudaily)

Steamed cabbage rolls is an easy dish to make, although the steps are a bit complicated. The filling with ingredients such as minced meat, carrots, wood ear, spices… mix well, then wrap in soft cabbage leaves, tie with onion leaves (also boiled or blanched to make it tough). put in the steamer. Depending on taste, each family can make different ingredients. If you have time, make this dish for your family!

The wife put the whole cabbage in the boiling pot, making the husband's eyes widen, thinking it was clumsy, but the result was unexpected - Photo 3.

Cabbage rolls with steamed meat – an easy but sophisticated dish (Photo: Internet)

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