Mr. Medvedev bluntly warned Ukraine

In an interview with Russian journalist Nadana Fridrikhson on February 4, Medvedev denied that Ukraine’s attack on Crimea would force Moscow to the negotiating table. “The result will be quite the opposite. There will be no discussion in such a case. There will only be retaliatory attacks,” the deputy chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation warned.

Theo Reuters“All the remaining parts of Ukraine controlled by the Kiev government will be burned down,” Medvedev stressed.

Mr. Medvedev bluntly warned Ukraine - Photo 1.

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said that the US supply of advanced weapons to Ukraine will only lead to more retaliatory attacks from Russia. Photo: Reuters

Mr. Medvedev said that if the US wants peace in Ukraine, it only needs to urge Kiev to enter into negotiations with Moscow, but according to him, the administration of US President Joe Biden and the “hawks” in the US Congress simply do not. care about that.

According to RT, the former Russian president warned that Russia could retaliate in any way possible if Ukrainian forces attacked targets in Crimea or deep inside Russia. He stated that Russia is ready to use all kinds of weapons according to its doctrines, including the Fundamental Principles of Nuclear Deterrence.

Russia’s nuclear doctrine allows Russia to launch nuclear strikes when attacked with conventional weapons and Russia’s very existence is threatened.

Mr. Medvedev also accused European leaders, who have been supporting Kiev through various means, including transporting weapons. Mr. Medvedev pointed out that the cost of sanctions, military aid to Ukraine, the trade war and the embargo all affect EU citizens.

Medvedev’s comments came a day after the Pentagon announced it would supply Kiev with a small diameter ground-launched bomb (GLSDB) with a range of up to 150 km.

According to US Brigadier General Patrick Ryder, Washington will not prevent Ukraine from using these weapons to attack targets deep inside Russian territory.

Moscow has repeatedly warned that supplying Ukraine with heavy weapons could bring the US and its allies directly into the conflict, and lead to a military conflict between Russia and NATO.

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