Be amazed by the upside down Tesla Model 3 car with a giant 3m high wheel, regardless of any terrain

Tesla Model 3 upside down - Photo: WhistlinDiesel

Tesla Model 3 upside down – Photo: WhistlinDiesel

The WhistlinDiesel channel specializes in performing the most terrifying endurance tests as well as creating the most bizarre cars. For example, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat uses the wheels of a horse-drawn carriage, crushes the Nissan Skyline GT-R, drives the brand new Mercedes-AMG G 63 into a deep lagoon, or “squeess in” the Toyota Hilux with the final screen being dropped from thousands of heights. meters.

This time, Cody Detwiler and his team took a Tesla Model 3, put it through a series of endurance tests, like driving the car with blocked wheels, cutting the back seat with a chainsaw, “millions of people.” return” through the closed garage door…

But most notably is the utopia for the Tesla Model 3. Cody Detwiler raised the chassis with horse-drawn wheels. But unlike the wheels on the Dodge Challenger Hellcat he used to make, the Tesla Model 3 uses not an ordinary carriage wheel. It is a wheel made specifically to be up to 3m in diameter.

Surprised by Tesla Model 3 upside down with giant 3m high wheels - Photo 2.
Amazed at the Tesla Model 3 upside down with a giant 3m high wheel - Photo 3.

With new wheels, the car is now so tall that it can fit another car underneath – Photo: WhistlinDiesel

Surprised by Tesla Model 3 upside down with giant 3m high wheels - Photo 4.

Although the appearance now looks like a giant spider, the Tesla Model 3 still moves quite easily – Photo: WhistlinDiesel

But the purpose is not to raise the chassis, but to place the Tesla high enough that it can be flipped upside down without the roof touching the ground. With the help of an excavator, the team was able to turn the vehicle upside down, get inside, and drive away.

Even when upside down, the driver can still drive the car, of course in an uncomfortable state as usual – Video: WhistlinDiesel

But that is not the final challenge. The Tesla car was driven straight downhill at high speed (no occupants). Of course, the car did not have a happy ending.

All of the above will probably only end up with a huge viewership. They were successful, the video attracted more than 2 million views in just 24 hours.

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