Children often say these 3 sentences, they will grow up to have high EQ

In most families, children’s education is always considered a top priority. In addition to studying at school, parents, even if they have to “tighten their belts”, will also create conditions for their children to study as much as possible, not only in core subjects such as Literature, Mathematics, and English but also in supplementary classes. : painting, musical instruments, choreography…

However, many parents are extremely questioning their children’s “mastery” in everything from piano to chess, from dancing to martial arts, why their social relationships are still not satisfactory. or their ability to manage their emotions is not very good. Why is this situation? In fact, it is because parents have forgotten an important part of family education – nurturing emotional intelligence – EQ for children.

If your child is also in this situation, you can teach him to start by saying 3 sentences like these:

1. “What can I do for you?”

Most children who say this are happy and ready to help others. Such children are easy to integrate into the group and are loved by everyone, parents do not have to worry about their children’s communication problems.

Don’t worry if your child rarely says this sentence, because you can guide him slowly, encourage him to be more involved, more supportive. Gradually, children will have a sense of achievement and find themselves learning more things. At this time, children will voluntarily raise their hands to help others.

Children often say these 3 sentences, they will grow up to have high EQ - Photo 1.

2. “Thank you”

Many children fall into the situation of being helped by others, just turning to leave without saying thank you, not even a smile. Many parents see that but just laugh it off, but don’t really care and just teach their children.

Advice for parents is not to underestimate the sentence “Thank” Simply put, there is a huge difference between saying and not saying it. You try to imagine and put yourself in the position of helping a person but that person does not bother to thank you, how will you feel?

Sentence “Thank” short but able to manage one’s emotions very well, children who learn to say this sentence are sure to be loved.

3. “I have a suggestion that…”

If the child learns to say the sentence “My suggestion is”/ My opinion is…” means that children are very intelligent and have opinions. Parents should encourage their children to use this sentence pattern to help them develop the ability to think independently and bravely express their ideas. This helps a lot to cultivate and improve the child’s EQ.

EQ is an indicator that can be improved, so parents should not be in a hurry, guide and orient their children every day. In addition to education through communication and words, parents also need to build a good environment, pay attention to develop their own EQ to better support their children.

Source: Zhihu

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