“Hot boy cowherd” Dinh Chan nearly 3 years since suddenly famous throughout Asia: Do you still keep the beauty of a rustic boy and get the same attention as before?

Tay Trat Dinh Chan is not a strange name to Chinese or even Vietnamese netizens. At the end of 2020, the guy born in 2000 suddenly became famous all over the Internet because of exactly a few seconds video taken by a photographer accidentally taken and posted online. As a genuine farmer boy from an ethnic family in Sichuan, China, Dinh Chan’s life completely changed overnight.

It only took 7 seconds for Dinh Chan to turn from a cowherd to a famous hot boy in Asia

Ding Chan’s popularity happened like a miracle

What makes the “hot cow herding boy” so viral is thanks to his unmistakable beauty and charisma. Appearing in traditional ethnic minority clothes, with dark skin tanned by wind and dew, Dinh Chan still exudes an aura that “beats” everyone’s hearts. The rustic, honest and innocent beauty of the guy is completely different from the stars, actors and singers we are familiar with.

Emerging as a network phenomenon, Dinh Chan did not miss becoming a celebrity. But contrary to many people’s initial predictions and fears, this 23-year-old hot boy does not encroach on showbiz too much. He appeared in reality TV shows but did not participate in acting or singing. Instead, Dinh Chan became an online influencer and tourism ambassador for his hometown.

Tay Trat Dinh Chan’s strange popularity changed not only his life and his family, but also the whole countryside. From where the “monkey ho stork” is full of deserts and fields, Ding Chan’s hometown of Ly Duong, Sichuan has now become a tourist attraction. Thanks to that, the people of the whole region also improved their lives and couldn’t help but be proud.

In the past 3 years, Dinh Chan is not like other “soon to bloom” network phenomena. He is still a name that attracts media and camera lenses in every event. Although of course no longer sought after as A-list stars in the early days of emerging, “hot Tibetan boy” is a rare case of a network phenomenon that still retains its attraction for so long. His fan community is already quite strong and still active. On the Weibo social network, Dinh Chan’s account has reached nearly 3 million followers.

Sometimes appearing in suits is a turn, he is also “stoned” by a part of netizens for having changed and been “showbiz”. However, in everyday images, Dinh Chan still retains a rustic and genuine character that cannot be erased. He chose to become a community activist, tourism ambassador instead of being a rising star just by looks or media.

Becoming an ambassador of the tourism image of his homeland and devoting himself to public welfare is the path that the poor boy chose that year and remains steadfast to this day. Up to now, Dinh Chan has put his name on many charity and community projects. He has also represented Chinese youth in international events and received many awards and recognition for his contributions.

Dinh Chan was not changed by the glamor of the entertainment world

Source: QQ

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