Hiring a tutor to tutor my child, but my grades keep falling, my father installed a surveillance camera, and he trembled with anger at what he witnessed.

When children go to school in class, sometimes they don’t fully understand the lesson, but they can’t ask more teachers because there are many friends in the class, which can affect the collective time. Because of this, many parents decide to send their children to the center for extra lessons, or hire tutors to tutor. Hiring a tutor is more expensive but also more effective because your child can be tutored one-on-one.

However, when hiring a tutor, parents need to pay attention to choose someone with good expertise and heart, otherwise there will be a situation of money loss, disability, and children’s studies are still ineffective. As the case of a parent in China below is an example.

Mr. Ly’s daughter is good at all subjects, except for English, which is weak. Therefore, Mr. Ly hired a tutor to tutor his son. However, after a period of study, his son’s score not only did not increase, but also decreased. This made Mr. Lee suspicious.

This father then secretly installed a camera in his child’s classroom to see how the tutor was tutoring, if he was lazy, lazy or not. Unexpectedly, Mr. Ly discovered that the English teacher had a very bad attitude towards his child. This tutor often scolds students with obscene words, unprofessional teaching attitude, and often gossips during class. Mr. Ly then immediately dismissed this person.

Hiring a tutor to tutor my child, but my grades keep falling, my father installed a surveillance camera and trembled with anger at what he witnessed - Photo 1.

Mr. Ly discovered that the tutor often scolded his child. (Screenshots)

From Mr. Ly’s story, other parents also learned lessons in hiring tutors to tutor their children. Accordingly, when choosing a tutor, the following should be kept in mind:

1. Have a qualification certificate

Having a qualification certificate is a prerequisite to becoming a tutor. For example, a high school teacher certificate can teach level 2 and level 1, but not vice versa. While looking for a tutor, parents need to carefully research their qualifications and ask the tutor to show their qualifications.

2. Choose the corresponding degree, experience and request to design your own teaching materials

For tutors, having a bachelor’s or master’s degree can at least demonstrate good academic competence. However, parents need to pay attention a bit, if their children are taking the university entrance exam, they should not choose a tutor who has just graduated from college, but should choose a tutor who has long experience in exam preparation. In addition to the educational requirements, the best tutor should have teaching materials designed and drafted by himself.

3. Requirements on working attitude

In addition to the necessary conditions mentioned above, tutors also need to meet a number of other conditions, first of all being on time. Except in exceptional circumstances, tutors should generally arrive at a student’s home before or on time.

At the same time, tutors need to have after-school feedback from children, so that children can realize how strong their learning is and what their shortcomings are. Since then, tutors promptly improve their teaching methods to improve student achievement.

Source: Sohu

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