Books full of love

Books full of love

Thai Hai Dang, project manager

Thai Hai Dang, manager of the project “Books come to my hands” impressed with the bicycle to ask for books for children – Photo: HT

The shelves were present in Lao Cai, Bac Giang, Nam Dinh, Hoa Binh, Hanoi, Vinh Long…

“I don’t think it’s charity, it’s just a short story of a 20-year-old man and his friends. We are writing our own dreams together,” said Thai Hai Dang (22, Academy of Journalism). and advertising) – project manager “Books come to you” – opens the story.

Each person has a way of choosing to save their youthful image. 20 years is full of immaturity, knowledge is not much to do great things, so we choose and consider it as a journey to color our youth together.


Planting the seeds of reading

Travels full of love bring books to children - Photo courtesy of characters

Travels full of love bring books to children – Photo courtesy of characters

Hai Dang remembers the chance that the idea for this project was thanks to his classmate who loves to read. It was that schoolmate who planted the love and discovery of magical books in Vinh Long’s soul.

This friend, then teacher Dang, knew that he had always been passionate about the project of contributing books to students, which led Dang to take action and build a book club at the school. On the day he went to study in Hanoi, Dang saw an opportunity and was determined to implement the book-reading model he loved so much.

Participating in Thai Ha Book Club’s Love Garden, after one year Dang took the position of president of the club and immediately implemented the “Books in My Hands” project from then on.

“How to further develop the reading culture through the donation of books to reading spaces, schools, houses of culture, to areas with little access to reading culture” – Dang spoke about the purpose of the project.

On each book delivery journey, project members were present at the gift point to give and exchange books and have fun with students, creating excitement and attracting children to books. Dang said the most special thing is that you take care of the racks for a deep and long-term operation, not just give and give back.

On the journey filled with love, the boy from Vinh Long’s hometown remembers the time when he did a book project in Sa Pa (Lao Cai). The land of country children left indescribable emotions in the members of the project.

Everyone’s greatest happiness when seeing the children eagerly turn each page of the book with eyes full of love. Suddenly, at that moment, each person showed hope for a better future with these highland children.

“The most loving is the little hands of children, hands in the freezing cold become dry in the age of bamboo shoots, eager to turn each page of the book. At first I thought it would be once present in Sa. Pa, but after this trip , we have more motivation to start building a long-term “Books for You” journey,” boasted Dang.

collect love

Donating project books

Donating books from the “Books for my hands” project – Photo provided by the character

In the early days of running the project, the hardest part was funding and how to get members to join hands.

Dang said that you can’t forget the scorching heat at noon in the summer of July in the capital, the members of the cyclist club, motorcyclists, people who get on buses to beg and collect books for them.

“I remember the time I cycled from Vo Chi Cong Street to Cau Giay carrying hundreds of books. I didn’t know if I accidentally dropped the spine of the book, I regret it until now,” expressed Dang.

From the project started in Sa Pa until now, “Books for Children” has requested and donated 13 bookshelves in various provinces, both in the South and in the North.

“What we most want is for children to have new touches in their souls. And books will be the means to accompany you to do this. It is the different colors of the pages of the book that will help you to do this. creating abundant beauty in our souls,” thought Dang.

The project manager shared that working together to bring books to the highlands is a difficult problem. But with a small contribution from each one it is totally possible to solve it together, it is also to contribute to the dissemination and development of the culture of reading in places where access to books is still scarce due to the many living conditions.

What the project’s implementation team expects is that if it can ally with organizations and units to bring books to children, it will be great to extend the journey of love throughout all regions of the country. But what’s wrong, now, each member extends his antenna to listen whenever there are books, books they will come and bring back, contributing to the project like ants fill their nests for a long time.

The book page is a valuable “friend” that helps Dang feel positive values. Post mentioning Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s book True Happiness brought you back to the present moment, happy in this moment. Or the book Unlimited Mind by author J.Krishnamurti, then Lessons from the sweeper by Nguyen Manh Hung gave “a big blow” to the mind, helping you to break many limits of yourself.

“It’s also thanks to books that the guy from Vinh Long alone to the capital to study feels less lost, lonely and discovers more joy on every page,” laughed Dang.

Read books with your children, full of happinessRead books with your children, full of happiness

Parents should read books to their children for their own pleasure and make them happy (and only happy) by reading books, not trying to instill an adult lesson or purpose.

What do you think?

Written by Esme Dominguez

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