3 types of harmful sleep make life unfavorable

3 types of harmful sleep make life unfavorable

There is an old popular saying, for example: “The poor do not sleep ‘3 sleep’, if they can, they will be rich and full of houses”. By the surface of the words, we can understand easily. If a person regularly sleeps this “3 sleep”, then it is difficult for him to improve his life.

1st sleep: Sleeping

According to Webmd Magazine, sleeping at night causes the muscles not to relax and not to circulate the blood, so sometimes you can experience numbness in the limbs, fatigue and discomfort. It makes you slower, lazy to exercise. Without exercise, bones gradually weaken or lose, which can have a big impact on long-term health. In addition, sleeping late also causes social jetlag (time difference due to social impact) – a phenomenon that occurs when there is a difference between the body’s biological clock and the daily circadian rhythm due to some abnormality. They often appear in daily life, according to Sleep Magazine.

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There are people who cannot get up early in the morning, even 10-11 in the morning they still cannot get out of bed. For those who wake up so often, it is fundamentally difficult to change their lives. Because dawn is the first hour of the day, the decisive moment for the performance and productivity of the whole day. Waking up late is not good for your circadian rhythm, and chances are good that a good opportunity has passed.

2nd sleep: Sleeping with your head covered

Some people have a habit of sleeping with their heads covered, especially in winter, covering their heads will be warmer, for those who are anxious, covering their heads when sleeping can also eliminate fear. From a health point of view, sleeping with a hood is not good.

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According to Tipsmake, when sleeping with your head covered, there is relatively little air in the duvet. In addition, during sleep, a large amount of carbon dioxide is exhaled, which affects breathing. In the long term, the organs do not receive enough oxygen, so the process gradually deteriorates. The most affected organ is the brain. This habit for too long will cause the brain to be starved of oxygen and damaged. Once damaged, it is very difficult to restore the brain to normal.

In addition to the bad effects on the brain, sleeping with blankets also affects sleep, causing drowsiness, not sleeping soundly, having nightmares that always make you feel tired, chest tightness, shortness of breath. run marathons. For people with a history of epilepsy or brain problems, the habit of sleeping under blankets increases the risk of stroke.

Good health is the basis of effort and effort. With a normal and healthy body, all good things will always welcome us.

Sleep 3: “Sleep during the day, plow at night”

Some people are often “night owls”, they often stay up all night to indulge in useless games of life. During the day, they fall into a state of depression, confusion, cannot wake up, as a result of which their performance in study and work the next day is not high.

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Scientists at the University of Aachen, Germany, performed brain scans of 59 people classified into three groups: 16 early risers, 23 night people and 20 ordinary people. Analyzing the scans, the scientists concluded that the night owls had less “intense white matter” in different regions of the brain.

The white matter in the brain is fatty tissue that facilitates communication between nerve cells, or the way the brain sends signals to different regions of the body. Disproportionate levels of white matter block the ability to transmit signals throughout the brain and body. To date, abnormal white matter levels have been linked to depression and impaired cognitive function.

According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, both men and women face health risks from staying up late. Men who stay up late are more likely to develop diabetes and women are twice as likely to develop metabolic syndrome. While the reasons for these effects are vague, the researchers suggest that eating too many calories after 8 pm and overexposure to artificial light — two common behaviors of night owls — are responsible for affecting metabolic functions.

In short, staying awake day and night can do immeasurable damage to health. The best state is to equip yourself with a full spirit so that tomorrow you will have good health, a fresh spirit, only then can you change your destiny and change your life according to your needs in a more positive direction.

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Written by Esme Dominguez

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