3 accidental mistakes in the workplace that high EQ people never make

For most people, the first task of going to work is to support the family, then thinking about giving back to society. There is an old saying: “Sow seeds in the spring and patiently care for them, and in the fall, they will enjoy the sweet fruit”. Dare to think, dare to do, dare to step out of your comfort zone is the first step on the path to success for each person.

To be able to seize opportunities for career advancement, we must avoid 3 taboos that people with EQ never do in the workplace. Clever behavior, smart handling is the key to help your promotion path open:

Avoid arrogance and arrogance

There are two proverbs that seem to be opposites but are closely related: “A position higher than one level is enough to oppress subordinates” and “No matter how beautiful the wood is, the wind will melt”. That is the principle that those who want to be the boss, the boss, want to become the manager of others must understand.

The boss must have a leadership temperament. In order to advance our work, we must always keep a humble attitude and actively care about our subordinates. This not only helps us to gain a favorable view of our employees, but also creates a reputation for ourselves. In each case, skillful attitude adjustment is the best way to handle things.

A leader needs to understand that: can create achievements or not, is not a person’s work, it is the result of a combination of time, location and people. Only when everyone gathers firewood can the fire burn. In the workplace, supporting each other to work together can create the best results.

Avoid offending superiors

If you really have to give suggestions, tactfully choosing the right time is the wisest way. The ancients used to say: “If the dragon’s scales touch it, it will die”. With the position of a subordinate, you must actively give personal suggestions or ideas to contribute to the company. That’s how we get recognized.

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Besides, you also have to know how to seize the opportunity, consider whether your boss really wants to accept your opinion and whether there is a way to turn the dilemma?

If you have a conservative, do-it-yourself boss, it’s really hard to come up with your own personal opinion. As the old saying goes, “Birds choose good wood to perch, people choose good companions for companionship”. In that case, you have to really step out of your comfort zone, dare to leave the toxic working environment to seek personal growth.

Learning from a polite perspective: In the workplace, as a subordinate, bowing is an indispensable element. Even if you are a person with a high vision, you also have to be clever to seize the opportunity. Consider for yourself whether your boss is an easy person to accept, then decide to present your opinion and find the most reasonable way to present it.

Indeed, in the workplace, words cannot be shallow, all implications need to be expressed in the most subtle way. All of our words must always be in moderation, not to be overstated, nor to say everything we want to say.

Dissatisfaction with “acceptable” positions

In “The Book of Translation of Ha Ta” it is recorded: “If virtue does not match, there will be disaster. Weak virtues are respected for position, small positions are big plans. Although the strength is small, the responsibility is heavy, and it is rarely enough.” The more we think about it, the more we see it right: The greater the power, the heavier the responsibility. If “name” and “real” do not match, sooner or later we will be eliminated.

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If you are in a high position but your capacity is limited, try to study hard, hone your knowledge and skills to better yourself. On the contrary, if your ability is high and you are still working in a relatively low position, just wait for the right opportunity to prove yourself and make a breakthrough. Achievements, abilities, and positions complement each other. Don’t be complacent or work reluctantly just because you want to stay where you are.

In short, if we want to have a solid position in the workplace, we must integrate all aspects of our interests, weigh the pros and cons, assess the problem reasonably, speak rationally, and not overestimate ourselves. As a Boss, you need to know how to care for your subordinates and support each other to develop together.

As a subordinate you should neither be too humble nor too arrogant. Consider the overall situation and act on the occasion. No matter what position you are in, improve your best friend and do what you can. IQ is the factor that determines your position, but EQ determines your chances of promotion at work.


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