3 things smart and mature people realize after many obstacles

Time never spoke, but silently carried something away, and quietly changed many things.

In this process, we gradually grow up without even knowing it ourselves.

From a carefree young teenager, to an adult with all kinds of thoughts, start entering the world of adults.

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It can be said that, before we grow up, many things do not need us to put in effort, naturally having parents to cover the rain and sun. But when you are old enough, your parental responsibilities are fulfilled. At this point, everything needs you to shoulder.

We need to start living as an adult, also need to know how to plan our own life.

There will be many choices, facing countless temptations; You will feel lost, trouble is normal.

On the road forward, no one has a smooth sailing life. Even so, we have to know how to live a little rationally, making ourselves more alert.

1. Focus on health, make money efforts

In the period of 20-30 years old, young people are energetic, full of energy, eat a lot and sleep a lot, and still like to stay up late. But, don’t give up because of that. Do not be gullible and believe in “I’m young, it’s okay to stay up late, it’s okay to eat bad food”.

Some bad habits need to be eliminated promptly. Knowing how to cherish health is enough to earn money and find happiness.

Health is free, but once degraded, it will become a “money cutter” mercilessly. Wait until you are old and weak, sickness breaks out, you will receive enough consequences.

If you have health, you will have money. With money, we live well every day, confident to give our loved ones the best.

When life happens to unexpected things, we have the capacity to solve and limit the case of collapsing into a deep hole with no way out.

Appreciating the body, trying to make money are the most important things for adults.

2. Don’t cling to the past, live for the present

3 things smart and mature people realize after many obstacles - Photo 2.

At a certain age, looking back, you can hardly avoid feeling nostalgic, mourning the past, the old person.

Having sinned against some people, offended many people, also missed many opportunities. Standing at a crossroads, remembering that you made many wrong decisions.

We all make mistakes. Deep down in our souls, we yearn to go back in time and start over. Promise not to be stupid, not to make that mistake again.

But surely everyone understands that time cannot be turned back, and then regret and regret are also zero.

The people who missed the village, the mistake was wrong… we can remember, but we must not blame ourselves, nor keep the pain in our hearts.

Right or wrong, good or bad, has turned into a memory, into an experience, and is a part of the memory.

The only thing we can do is learn from it, to be serious for the present, to cherish every moment to be with our loved ones, not to make the same mistakes as before, to make each day go well. more beautiful.

3. Treat yourself well, cherish your family

3 things smart and mature people realize after many obstacles - Photo 3.

Some people may have some problems with their adult personality because of their family influences. People who are not confident, insecure, do not dare to believe in their own worth.

Instead of accepting themselves and treating themselves well, they turn to the people around them, wanting to use their sacrifices in exchange for the other’s recognition, giving themselves the feeling of being in the world. this.

Living in a group, we are often preoccupied with the eyes and words of others. But in fact, all the complications in the heart are drawn by themselves.

Start learning to think for yourself first. Knowing how to love yourself is enough to love others.

An object that needs to be placed near the same level as yourself is family.

Many people like to talk nicely to outsiders, but when they come home, they sound grumpy to their parents. They take out negative emotions from the outside on the head of their innocent loved one. Why? Because human psychology thinks that parents and family are the ones who can’t leave themselves, which is obvious.

People have to lose in order to receive valuable lessons. Parents’ time is running out, hurry up and hug them and say: I love my parents!

Surely many people have never opened their mouths to say this seemingly simple sentence in their entire lives.

Source: Zhihu

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