3-year-old son suddenly died, parents were horrified when they received the results of their internal organs being broken, realizing the ‘devil’ was right next to them without knowing

In early September, the court of Keelung city, Taiwan (China) opened the first instance trial of a serious child abuse case that happened in September last year with the victim a 3-year-old boy.

Before that, vOn September 25, 2020 last year, the boy passed away suddenly. The baby’s caregiver, the nanny surnamed Luu (27 years old), said that the boy had a high fever and was in a coma before, when she went out for a while and returned to the room, she found that the baby stopped breathing, his heart stopped beating.

When taken to the hospital, the doctors discovered that the baby still had a few light bruises on his body. Ms. Liu confirmed that the child was accidentally injured while playing in the park. Although there were no obvious injuries, the boy’s parents were suspicious and asked the police to conduct an autopsy.

The sudden autopsy results shocked everyone. The baby’s immediate cause of death was internal bleeding. Several internal organs were ruptured, especially the liver. Few the wound was even fibrous, meaning that the boy had long since had his organs ruptured and the old wounds were in the process of healing. Most likely the baby has been abused for a long time, but because the abdomen is soft, it is difficult to see the damage from the outside.

The 3-year-old son suddenly died, the parents were shocked when they received the results of the broken internal organs, realizing the devil was right next to them without knowing - Photo 1.

Parents of 3-year-old boy share pictures of their son before he died

Immediately, the nanny surnamed Liu and her husband, surnamed Zhang, who took care of the boy daily, were arrested by the investigating agency. The nanny confessed to the police that the couple had repeatedly beaten the 3-year-old boy. Many times, Truong pushed the baby to the ground and used his foot to step on the stomach because the baby cried loudly and did not listen. When he died, the boy was also severely malnourished due to abuse by the evil couple. Besides, the two also said that because the boy’s parents often owe their salary, they want to torture their child to vent their anger.

The boy was trampled on his body so many times that his internal organs were broken

It is known that for many months now, the boy’s parents have asked Liu and his wife to raise their son full-time to go to the big city to work and earn money. The monthly salary for the nanny is NT$24,000 (about VND 20 million). In the 4 months before the baby’s death, the couple only returned to their hometown to visit their child twice, but every day they made video calls and talked to Luu about taking care of and raising their son. However, just looking at their children through the phone screen makes them not realize the terrible trauma that the baby has to endure.

Devil nanny couple image

In the recent first-instance trial, the nanny and her husband were sentenced to 12 years in prison for intentionally causing injury leading to death. However, right after the trial, the victim’s family held a press conference with the media. The boy’s parents expressed their displeasure and said that the couple should receive the murder sentence, not guilty of violence as it is now.

Source: ETToday

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