3,000 French health workers suspended for not getting a COVID-19 vaccine

Answer the radio RTL French Health Minister Olivier Véran said: “The majority of the decisions to suspend work are only temporary”, and said many of these medical workers have already passed agreed to get the COVID-19 vaccine after they accepted the fact that “COVID-19 vaccination is required” in order to be able to work.

In addition, Mr. Véran added that although some services such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) were affected for a few hours, “safety, quality, along with continuity of operations. patient care” is still guaranteed in all hospitals and health-society facilities.

It is known that the decision to make COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for 2.7 million employees of the medical, nursing and firefighting forces in France officially took effect from September 15. Earlier, in an announcement for the first time made on July 12, French President Emmanuel Macron also emphasized that the employees of the above forces need to receive at least one vaccine before September 15. or will have to quit the job they are undertaking.

Following Mr. Macron’s above announcement, the website used to schedule COVID-19 vaccinations in France (Doctolib) was overloaded after a huge number of people visited it to ensure availability. Schedule a vaccination appointment for yourself.

3,000 French health workers suspended for not having received a COVID-19 vaccine - Photo 1.

Last month, a lot of medical workers and firefighters organized protests to protest against the application of the “Vaccine Passport” by the French government (Image: EPA)

Even so, with thousands of people still on the mandatory list of COVID-19 vaccinations refusing to get vaccinated, some argue that many French health services are in danger of being seriously disrupted. important in the near future.

At a hospital in the southern French city of Nice, many doctors and nurses held a protest outside the hospital after 450 staff members were suspended because they had not received a COVID-19 vaccine. 19.

Also in the south of the hexagonal country, a hospital in the Montélimar municipality in the Drôme province said it had been forced to cancel some non-urgent surgeries because there were not enough anesthesiologists who had been vaccinated against COVID-19. -19.

At a time when COVID-19 vaccine samples began to be approved for emergency circulation globally, France was considered one of the countries that expressed the most doubts about the effectiveness of these vaccines. and at one point only 40% of people eligible for vaccination in the country when asked said they would get a COVID-19 vaccine.

However, since the launch of the “Vaccine Passport” in July, France has become one of the countries with the largest number of people being vaccinated against COVID-19 in the world.

According to statistics, about 90% of the adult population in the hexagonal country has received at least one dose of vaccine. In addition, the country also started implementing a program of COVID-19 vaccination for children over 12 years old and booster vaccination for those in vulnerable groups.

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