4 children hanged the dog from the 20th floor and then dropped it to the ground “for fun”, the adults heard the children’s laughter and had a chill down their spines.

In recent days, on Chinese social networks, a video has caused strong outrage. The incident happened at a high-rise apartment building in Linfen city, Shanxi province. 4 underage children have committed a shocking act of abusing a dog.

It is known that this dog is a stray dog ​​that was accidentally picked up by children on the street. The group of friends then took the dog home and “played” by hanging it and swinging it out of a 20th-floor window. After a while of boredom, they let the rope down. The dog fell from a terrible height to the ground and died tragically immediately.

4 kids hanged themselves, dropped the dog from the 20th floor to the ground and then filmed the clip and showed it off

The video recording the scene of animal abuse was filmed by the 4 children themselves and posted online as “showing off” as a trophy. In the video, you can still clearly hear the scared and helpless screams of the little dog mixed with the laughter and cheers of the children.

The poor dog kept screaming and begging for help in desperation

After the cold-blooded clip was posted, some netizens reported the incident to the police. On February 20, the city police department announced that they had punished these children. Specifically, the police administratively sanctioned 3 people aged 14 to under 18 years old and severely warned the guardian of a child under 14 years old.

The images in the clip have made the Chinese public extremely angry and shuddered at the cruel behavior of children still sitting in school. Many people voiced that similar behaviors in minors should be severely punished to correct and correct wrong psychology in children.

Source: Weibo


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