4 shops specializing in ordering Korean products on Instagram: the dresses are extremely diverse, the prices are also “soft” compared to the common ground

Sannbyrose Korea

Sannbyrose Korea is a shop specializing in direct ordering of clothing and local brand products on Korean websites. Coming to Sannbyrose Korea, you can easily find yourself dresses with elegant and mature fashion styles like Korean ulzzang girls. The model is also extremely diverse for women to shop and choose. The price of clothes here depends on the brand you choose, the shipping time is about 10-15 days.

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If you are looking for a ”cheap moment” with Korean stars, then Blomst will be the address to help you apply for that ”private print” series of dresses. Blomst specializes in finding and ordering local Korean brand clothes, especially the clothes worn by beautiful Kpop girls. The price of the designs will be much higher than the common ground, ranging from 1-2 million dong, but you can completely trust and be satisfied with the product quality.

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Cullot3 Official

Cullot 3 Official is also one of the shops that order Korean goods that are popular with many women, because the shop regularly updates the latest and most trendy dress models. At Cullot3 there are many stylish dresses with cheap prices ranging from 230k – 500k depending on the model. Order time will last from 10-15 days and customers will deposit 50% in advance to be able to order here. In short, whether it’s winter or summer, you just need to visit Cullot3 Official to shop for beautiful Korean standard dresses.

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This Order

Stylish girls must definitely visit Ceci Order’s Instagram to shop for Korean-style feminine dresses. At Ceci, there are many cute Korean-style dresses for women to choose from. The dresses in the shop are selected to make it as easy as possible for the sisters to choose. Orders will be closed by Ceci at 12 noon every Monday to aggregate each batch. Ordering time will take about 15-20 days, sisters.

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