4 types of passengers on an airplane that are easy to catch the attention of flight attendants

1. Someone who exudes anxiety

For TVHKs, these are the guests who need to be given top priority in reassurance and encouragement. They are restless and worried when they sit on the plane because this may be their first time on an airplane, due to poor health or fear of heights… Moreover, TVHK’s concern for passengers is the How to create the level of an airline.

Flight attendant Kimberly Sullivan shares tips to distinguish first-time flyers: “By observing the passengers, we can tell who are frequent flyers and which are first-timers. I noticed the guests in the middle of the aisle, often looking directly at the back of the plane, that could be first-timers.”

In addition, people with motion sickness when boarding the plane with fatigue and nausea will also receive attention from TVHK.

2. Someone who can support the crew

With 27 years of experience, TVHK Janice Bridger also often notices those who can support the crew in urgent situations. They are usually tall and muscular people who can help the crew prevent fights, help store heavy luggage on the plane…

In fact, the seats near the exit door are not for the elderly and children because they are not healthy enough. Instead, healthy guests will assist in opening the door in an emergency, or prevent others from opening it intentionally.

  4 types of passengers on an airplane are easy to attract the attention of flight attendants - Photo 1.

3. Drunk people

Nuralia Mazlan, a flight attendant for Air Asia, revealed that the flight crew is always wary of this type of person because they can cause trouble at any time, especially if the plane has taken off. and in the sky. Mazlan said her crew once had to deal with this problem for a drunk passenger who refused to wear clothes while at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters.

4. Colleagues

In 1989, in the US, United Airlines flight 232 had an accident in the air, causing 184 passengers to be extremely worried. Fortunately, on this flight, captain Dennis Fitch was on his vacation, and was also a passenger. Thanks to this, Fitch assisted the flight’s captain in a successful landing.

According to Bridger, observing and caring for colleagues on flights is also a job of flight attendants. In emergencies, colleagues can be of great help to the crew.

  4 types of passengers on an airplane are easy to attract the attention of flight attendants - Photo 2.

Source: Insider.

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