4 types of popular documents can now be registered online

1. Citizen ID Card (CCCD)

Making a chip mounted CCCD is the top concern of the people because of the security as well as convenience for the administrative procedures later. In order to limit the crowding, wait a long time as well as save everyone’s time, the registration procedure for a chip-mounted CCCD can now be done on Zalo easily by following these steps:

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Step 1: Sign in to the latest version of Zalo, the application is available on iOS and Android platforms.

Step 2: In the search box, enter the police in your area of ​​residence (Example: CA District 4), then select Care about.

Step 3: On the information page, select the box Procedurechoose next “CCCD Level”. Then proceed to fill in the information completely Declaration of Citizenship (Electronic Declaration).

Step 4: Choose Date of submissionthe submission date will be within 7 days according to the list (Saturday afternoon and Sunday are not working).

Once the online declaration is available, people only need to go to the police station on the scheduled date and then continue with the rest of the work such as: taking fingerprints, taking photos… Everything will be back to normal now. so it’s much more convenient when people don’t have to spend time waiting to get there before queuing up, taking order numbers, filling out forms…

2. Apply for a passport online

When airlines reopen, more and more people have the need to go abroad for tourism, study and settlement. For convenience and to reduce time, you can do online passport registration.

First, you need to access the website of the Vietnam Immigration Portal https://hochieu.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn/

4 types of popular documents can now be registered online - Photo 2.

Next, people need to fill in all information according to the available form, the items marked with * are the important items required.

Then, choose the reason for issuing the passport and the place to receive the application, confirm the information and click Save. Finally, people only need to bring their identity papers and fees to the chosen place after 2-3 days to complete the remaining procedures more quickly, avoiding time-consuming waiting.

3. Register your birth certificate and marriage certificate online

According to Circular 01/2022/TT-BTP issued by the Ministry of Justice, from February 18, 2022, people can use electronic versions with QR codes of civil status papers including birth certificates and birth certificates. get married instead of paper.

People can apply for a birth certificate online on the National Public Service Portal via the address https://dichvucong.gov.vn/p/home/dvc-trang-chu.html. After selecting the desired service, people proceed to fill in the information and submit the required documents.

If the application is complete and valid, people will receive a notification of the date of return of the results. In case of missing or invalid information, people will be notified to complete the application.

4. Apply for a driving license online

Currently, the National Public Service Portal is at https://dichvucong.gplx.gov.vn allow people to carry out procedures to change or issue international driving licenses.

4 popular types of documents can now be registered online - Photo 3.

Driving license is one of the important documents that people must have when participating in traffic otherwise they will be administratively fined.

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