4 ways to cook in the microwave safely at work

Microwave ovens are now quite common in homes and offices. They are often used to reheat food.

But with just a few simple tricks, Ngoc Khanh – a member of the Love Kitchen group shared 4 ways to use the microwave to prepare delicious dishes.

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Boil water for making instant coffee, tea, milk, milk tea, cocoa… in the microwave

Usually, when drinking tea and instant coffee, people only need a very modest amount of water, so boiling a full pot of water is a waste (it is still a lot to boil at least at the allowable water level).

And in the absence of a hot water plant, the microwave is truly a love to boil water within 1 minute of refilling.


Pour water into a microwave-safe cup or bowl. Remember not to cover the container. Hot steam may cause an explosion.

Place a non-metallic spoon or stick into the cup or container (this is to facilitate the formation of air bubbles when the water boils, keeping the liquid within the boiling point).

Touch the outside wall of the container/cup with another object several times to reduce the heat of the freshly boiled water.

And finally, remember to keep your face away from the freshly boiled water in the oven.

Boil sausages in the microwave

Place the sausages in a microwave-safe bowl. Make sure the bowl is deep enough to fit a lot of sausages.

4 ways to cook in the microwave safely at work - Photo 1.

Pour water over the sausage. Water can spill out, so it is necessary to pour water about 2.5 cm from the mouth of the bowl.

Sausage Sausage. Put the sausage bowl in the microwave. Close the oven door and steam the sausages over high heat for about 2-3 minutes. Large sausages may need longer steaming.

Remove the sausages from the microwave and drain. Once removed from the oven, the sausage will be very hot, so let it cool and drain for about 30 seconds.

Cook sticky rice, cook soft rice in the microwave

4 ways to cook in the microwave safely at work - Photo 2.

You can use the microwave to cook different types of sticky rice such as: sticky rice with beans, sticky rice with pandan leaves, sticky rice with durian, sticky rice with gac ..

You put the sticky rice in a heatproof tray in the microwave. Then, pour water to cover the surface of the sticky rice. Add a pinch of salt and sugar, mix well. You use nylon to cover the sticky rice. Put in the microwave for about 4-5 minutes. Take it out, use chopsticks to mix it up so that the sticky rice is cooked evenly.

Cooking rice in a rice cooker can take you up to 1 hour, but with a microwave it usually takes about 12 minutes, the rice is soft and cooked evenly.

How to do this: Wash the rice, pour water as usual, cover and put in the microwave with the highest heat for about 9 minutes, then you bring it to medium temperature for 3 minutes, the rice can be cooked. use immediately.

Fry eggs in the microwave

4 ways to cook in the microwave safely at work - Photo 3.

Take a flat, high-walled microwaveable dish, coat it with some oil, and crack the eggs.

After stirring and seasoning the eggs to taste, put the plate in the microwave.

The time is more or less depending on the ripeness you want.

Never boil eggs in the microwave. Because when you put fresh eggs with the hard shell intact in the microwave, the high temperature in the oven will cause the air in the egg to expand, leading to the outer shell expanding, causing the egg to explode. Doing so not only causes eggs to splash, dangerous, dirty the house, but also poses a very high risk of oven fire.

Heat resistant glass

One of the materials that can be put in the microwave is heat-resistant glass. To ensure the safety of users, you should choose thick glass.

Specialized plastic for microwave ovens

Plastic can be microwaved, but not all plastics can be used. Usually on this plastic box there is the words microwave-safe or microwavable. You should choose a plastic with a clear origin.

Ceramic and porcelain objects

This is a fairly safe material when put in the microwave, you do not need to worry too much because it does not pose any danger to the user.

Materials made from wood

Items made from wood are things that can be microwaved without you having to worry about anything.

Food wrapping film, special bags for microwave ovens

Food wraps can be used in the microwave, but not all wraps can be used. You should only use food packaging films, specialized bags for microwaves.

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