4-year-old child alone goes to treat Covid-19

ChinaA 4-year-old boy, the youngest patient in the Covid-19 outbreak in Fujian, alone dragged a suitcase to the hospital for treatment.

Chu Ha Thanh, a hospital nurse affiliated to Putian University, Fujian province on September 14 posted a video on social media showing the boy wearing tight, oversized white protective gear, dragging a suitcase nearly high. as a baby and went to the hospital during the night. This is the youngest infected person in the current outbreak in Fujian province.

4-year-old child alone goes to treat Covid-19

A 4-year-old boy alone goes to be treated for Covid-19 at the hospital in Putian city, Fujian province, China on September 14. Video: Global Times.

Chu said she was heartbroken to see the boy entering the hospital unaccompanied by an adult. “You are so brave, I wish you a speedy recovery!” Chu posted a caption on the video.

The second video shows the baby being led to the lab and being led by nurses for a CT scan. The boy obediently and patiently maintained an appropriate distance.

According to Chu, many children have tested positive and had to take the tests without their parents accompanying them. In order to reduce the fear of children coming to the hospital, the hospital’s treatment area has arranged cartoon characters and many extracurricular reading materials are also prepared.

The outbreak related to the Delta mutation in Fujian province recorded 186 infections in a week. Putian city recorded 85 cases, including 28 primary school students and 8 preschool children with the youngest patient being 4 years old. The children were forced to temporarily stay away from their parents and go to the isolation ward and receive treatment in the hospital alone.

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