5 HIGH SALARY occupations without a degree, can earn 50 million VND/month during Tet holiday

Dexterity is a great advantage that not everyone possesses. Either you have a natural talent, or you need to practice hard after a long time. “Delicious hands” also implies that you are responsible, hard-working, good at designing and arranging. Skilled people often have high drawing ability, creativity and aesthetic taste.

If you have this advantage, then take advantage of it to work to develop yourself, create a dream income. Here are the professions for skilled people that you can choose. These are all potential industries that promise to develop in the future.

1. FASHION DESIGN profession

If you have a pair of skillful hands plus the ability to paint, then fashion design is a profession worth learning. Ingenious people easily sketch their own unique ideas and creations into beautiful and trendy fashion designs.

In addition, you can combine design and sewing. Hand turning designs on paper into clothes, beautiful finished dresses are the dream of many people. After finishing school, you can open a sewing and repair shop. This job can bring in an income of 8-10 million VND/month.

Those who are skilled in fashion design can also work in large corporations or become fashion designers for models. Fortunately, if you have enough skills and experience, the clothes you design can appear on the catwalks. This job can give an average income of 15-25 million VND/month. Even up to 70 – 150 million VND/month for famous designers.

5 HIGH SALARY occupations without a degree, on Tet holiday can earn 50 million VND/month - Photo 1.

Fashion design is a job that requires ingenuity and meticulousness. (Illustration)

However, fashion design is not an easy profession. This profession requires you to invest a long time to study. You need to have the ability to paint, creative mind and innovative thinking. To become a true fashion designer after graduation, you need to spend time doing internships to gain experience. This is one of the future stable professions for skilled people.


One of the professions that doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree is baking. With the advantage of skillful hands, young people should consider pursuing. You can easily learn quickly at reputable vocational training institutions.

After graduating from baking courses, you can open a bakery that includes a variety of varieties. Cake has long been a favorite food because of its convenience and deliciousness. In addition, on important occasions such as weddings, birthdays, store openings, etc., cakes are indispensable. If your cake is of good quality, beautifully decorated, and good branding, it will surely attract many customers.

The average income of a baker is from 10 to 20 million VND/month. For creative bakers, income on Tet holiday can be up to 50 million VND/month.

5 HIGH SALARY occupations without a degree, on Tet holiday can earn 50 million VND/month - Photo 2.

The baker can earn up to 50 million VND/month during Tet holidays. (Illustration)


This is no longer a new profession in Vietnam, which is interested by many young people because of its relatively good income. Today, with the development of service industries, tourism, entertainment, restaurants, hotels, bars, … making bartending become the most rewarding profession in the field of “Food & Beverage”.

More and more young people choose to pursue the path of mixing. Based on their skillful advantage, they turn bartending into a burning passion and a career that brings an attractive income for themselves. The salary for bartenders ranges from 10 to 20 million VND/month depending on your capacity and experience.

Dexterity is considered an important competitive advantage when learning bartending. With skillful hands, bartenders can create great drinks. To reach the top in this profession, in addition to the natural advantage, you need to be able to learn and explore new recipes. In particular, the skillful practice of bartending skills will also give you wings to become a famous bartender/barista.

5 HIGH SALARY occupations without a degree, on Tet holiday can earn 50 million VND/month - Photo 3.


Besides culinary-related professions like the one above, the answer to “What profession should I study?” is makeup. This profession requires careful, meticulous, thoughtful and of course skillful hands, with aesthetic taste.

Today, not only women but even men also have the need to beautify themselves on important occasions such as New Year’s holidays, parties, events, etc. Tapping into this mentality, a series of beauty salons are available. Points, spas, make-up centers sprang up to serve customers. To make up a face properly requires many different stages, requiring the worker to be delicate, skillful, and to limit mistakes.

The makeup profession does not need a university degree, as long as you follow the basic to advanced courses in a few months, you can practice. The harder you study, the more you can improve your hand and achieve the desired income. The makeup artist has a total income ranging from 15 to 20 million VND/month. On Tet holiday, their income can be up to 30 million VND because many people want to be outstanding and beautiful.

5 HIGH SALARY occupations without a degree, on Tet holiday can earn 50 million VND/month - Photo 4.

One of the professions that need dexterity cannot fail to be mentioned as a makeup artist. (Illustration)

5. OPEN florist shop

Combined with ingenuity, if you are a person who loves nature, plants, flowers, you can open a flower shop. Along with aesthetic taste, understanding of flowers, creativity, skillful people can create extremely unique and eye-catching fresh flower products.

Vietnam has many Tet holidays and important days of the year, so the demand for fresh flower decoration is very large. Running a flower shop doesn’t cost much, but it can make huge profits. On average, flower shops in the city can earn a profit of 30-100 million VND/month, even more than the above figure.

A dreamy, lovely flower shop is the perfect choice for the question “What profession should I learn?”. This job also does not require a degree, as long as you attend short-term flower arranging courses at reputable institutions.

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