5 types of office clothes that make you look old

The characteristic of office fashion is neatness and standing. However, sometimes, if you choose the wrong outfit, the office lady can make her look stiff, and old. In fact, the office lady can completely create a balance between youthfulness and elegance, professionalism when coordinating work clothes. Just avoid office items that make you look older, and prioritize youthful items, and your work style will improve. Here are 5 office items that easily make you look older, you should not buy them!

Pencil skirt, covered with textures

5 types of office attire that make women look older - Photo 1.

Pencil skirt is a familiar outfit for office girls. However, not all pencil skirts are ideal for a wardrobe. Pencil skirt with dark tones, covered with textures is an item that women should consider before buying. This type of skirt is not easy to mix, and at the same time makes the wearer look older. For office skirts, women should prioritize options with light tones, or with a loose shape, slightly spread, or split… These types of skirts will bring youthfulness and freshness to the wearer. , but still achieve elegant points to wear to the office.

Amazing sweater

5 types of office clothes that make women look older - Photo 2.

In winter, sweater is the type of shirt that office girls wear a lot. The designs of sweaters are very diverse, so you need to identify the ones that are worth investing in, to save money without making your style of wear decrease.

Office ladies should give preference to elegant plain-colored sweaters. This option helps the office style to be more modern and youthful. Besides, the solid color sweater also scores in sophistication, and it is not difficult to coordinate. On the contrary, a fancy sweater is a type of clothing that women should avoid. This shirt is quite cheesy, even adding age to the wearer.

Standing suit

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When it comes to suits, women often think of elegance and office standards. However, you still need to choose wisely to successfully conquer this type of costume. Suits that are too fit with the design of the waistcoat, and the long pants that hug the legs are the version that women should not wear. This style of clothing is very neat and polite, but it is quite “bad”, and at the same time it is no longer fashionable. The current trend is loose-fitting suits that look youthful and liberal, but still ensure the necessary elegance. When choosing a trendy suit, you just need to wear it inside a simple sweater/long-sleeved T-shirt, so you can score style points.

Fur lined jacket

5 types of office clothes that make women look older - Photo 4.

It is not difficult for women to come across fur-lined coats when shopping. This shirt is warm, but hard to put on. Even your appearance can become cheesy and old if you wear this coat. There are many models of elegant, but equally youthful and trendy office coats for women to choose from. Specifically, women should invest in a blazer, long-sleeved shirt, tweed shirt or trench coat… These trendy models will help the office lady’s winter style be enhanced, her appearance is always youthful. , modern.

Dark dress, standing figure

5 types of office clothes that make women look older - Photo 5.

The dress has a neat and polite look, but when you choose not wisely, it will be difficult for you to perfect the youthful style. Especially if you choose a dark dress, there is a high chance that the office style will be “aged”. Office dresses in light tones are ideal to complement the wardrobe. If you want to be more youthful, you should give preference to skirts that hit the waist, with sweet pastel tones. The girls can also rest assured that the bright-colored skirts, neatly shaped will still preserve the elegance and professionalism needed in the office.

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