5 warning signs of fat accumulation in the liver: Who needs to pay attention?

Fat can accumulate almost anywhere in the human body, including the liver. A small amount of fat in the liver may not cause too much of a health problem. However, if too much fat accumulates in the liver for a long time, it can cause some health complications.

In some cases, fatty liver disease can also damage the liver and cause serious complications including nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, cirrhosis or liver cancer. However, people can prevent this condition by making lifestyle changes and building healthy habits.

In the article below, medical doctor John Angstadt at the Department of Minimally Invasive Surgery at Staten Island University Hospital, USA shares the warning signs, health risks, and ways to prevent liver disease. fatty.

1. Why can excess fat accumulate in the liver?

Dr. Angstadt explains: “Fat accumulates in the liver when we consume more calories than the body needs. An increase in excess calories can cause fatty liver. Medically speaking, a condition in which the amount of fat accumulated in the liver exceeds 5% of the liver’s weight is considered fatty liver.”

Sugary drinks and alcohol are also considered one of the common ‘culprits’ of fatty liver because they add calories to the diet but have no nutritional value. In addition, we often tend not to count calories through drinks, so it is easy for us to consume a lot of calories in a short period of time.

2. Who is at risk of fatty liver?

Dr. Angstadt said: “Currently, the majority of cases of fatty liver are closely related to the patient’s weight. Those at risk of fatty liver are those with a body mass index (BMI). BMI (a measure of body fat that measures a person’s weight and potential health risks) is greater than 30. As BMI increases, the risk of fat accumulating in the liver also increases. .”

“Fat liver is also noted in patients with diabetes, patients with metabolic syndrome or some patients who are taking specific medications,” added the doctor.

5 warning signs of fat accumulation in the liver: Who needs to pay attention?  - Photo 1.

Illustration: Most cases of fatty liver are closely related to the patient’s weight.

3. Health risks of fatty liver

Dr. Angstadt points out that fatty liver can cause other potential risks if the patient is not treated promptly. In some patients, fatty deposits in the liver can lead to nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. This inflammation can form ‘scars’ in the liver, causing fibrosis and increasing the risk of cirrhosis. Advanced fatty liver can make it difficult to treat. Therefore, the best way to prevent fatty liver and its complications is to limit the factors that increase the risk of the disease.

4. Prevent fatty liver

According to Dr. Angstadt, losing weight is the best way to reduce or get rid of fat that is accumulating in the liver. People can start losing weight with a healthy diet combined with moderate exercise, tailored to their health status.

For cases of diabetes, the patient first needs to have good control of his blood sugar and his or her condition.

In addition, people need to limit alcohol abuse to prevent fat accumulation in the liver, especially those who have been diagnosed with fatty liver.

Finally, Dr. Angstadt recommends that people go for regular health check-ups to detect diseases early as well as receive timely advice and treatment from medical professionals and doctors.

5 warning signs of fat accumulation in the liver: Who needs to pay attention?  - Photo 2.

Illustration: A healthy diet combined with regular exercise can help prevent fatty liver disease.

5. Warning signs of fatty liver

Dr. Angstadt said: “Most patients with fatty liver in the early stages rarely show symptoms. This makes the disease can progress to a more advanced stage.” However, people can look out for the following five warning signs:

Pain in the upper right abdomen near the liver, abdominal distension.

– Loss of appetite, loss of appetite.

– Nausea.

– Yellow eyes, jaundice (signs in the severe stage).

– Enlarged abdomen, edema of limbs (signs in severe stage).

When the body appears abnormal signs, people should go to medical facilities for timely examination and treatment.

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