5th graders write a vivid 4-page essay describing the rain that makes anyone who reads admiring

Ms. Thanh Dung (Hanoi) recently shared her son’s essay writing exercise describing the rain and received many compliments.

The essay is written neatly on olive paper with extremely vivid sentences, showing the observation and flying imagination of the 5th grader. The owner of this “work” is Bao Minh (Bao Minh). intimate name is Kul, 10 years old, a student at an elementary school in Hanoi).

Full text of the 10-year-old boy’s essay:

“A summer day is hotter than any other, the weather is uncomfortably hot. I pray for a drop of rain to ease the suffocation that summer is sowing. And like to understand. people’s hearts, the sun was shining suddenly, the sun suddenly turned off, the rain was close by!

From the horizon, swarms of lightning appeared, wrapped in black armor like a thousand years old. A blade of lightning flashed across the sky. Thunder boomed like a signal, dark clouds poured out, rumbling across the sky, the wind was gusty, and the dust was flying high. And then, after a loud rumbling from the sky, the showers crashed down on the ground. Droplets of water rushed down like mischievous children, so much so that the sky was only covered in white rain.

The rain clattered on the banana leaf boats, pounded on the roofs, rattled against the glass doors, rattled the pavement, rolled onto the fragrant lotus leaves, and then played so much that it gurgled down the drain. Occasionally, there were a few sounds of car horns, people calling each other, but then quickly drowned in the sound of heavy rain. On the dark brown branches, there were birds huddled in the hollows of the trees, avoiding the cool water. But especially, only the rows of trees are happy, spreading out new foliage and waving in the sea of ​​​​rain.

A few moments later, there was a loud rumbling of thunder, and then the rain suddenly stopped. So fast that the chickens didn’t even have time to arrive, their wet heads were thrown to the side and laughed. After the rain, the trees and streets are clean, the air becomes cooler than ever. The sky was as clear as blue without any dark clouds. And from the streets, the flow of people is crowded and bustling. It’s just that everyone is more relaxed and happier. It was all because of the previous rain.”

The essay describing the rain of the 5th grader made many people admire.

Below the essay are compliments for the male student’s writing ability, words and skillful use of rhetoric.

Ms. Thanh Dung revealed that the essay describing her son’s rain scene was written in about 1 hour. The mother further revealed that the boy started composing poetry at the age of eight: “I still remember one day in the summer of my 2nd grade, suddenly one day, I gave my mother a poem describing “Spring” very clear and lovely. At first, I was shy, intending to hide it from my mother. Honestly, after reading it, I was also surprised and impressed. I know he loves to read, and is a talkative kid, but I never thought he could write poetry.”

5th graders make a vivid 4-page essay describing the rain that makes anyone who reads it admiring - Photo 2.

Ms. Dung and her son Bao Minh.

Ms. Dung believes that composing is my talent and thanks to being properly oriented and I read a lot from a young age. Ever since the child was not literate, this mother often read books and poems to her children, especially Tran Dang Khoa’s poems. When he was only 2 years old, Bao Minh was still a liar, but he knew long poems by heart, especially liked to listen to poems and could memorize them very well.

Later, when Bao Minh was literate in grade 1, Ms. Dung set a time frame for reading books with her child during the day. Bao Minh’s father is a teacher, after realizing that his son has quite good language skills as well as the ability to observe the surrounding life, he built a program to influence this ability of his son.

Thanks to that, right from elementary school, Bao Minh wrote well in both Vietnamese and English. The boy also writes a lot of poetry and has a debut poetry collection called “Positive” that was published in early 2022.

As a mother, seeing her children do meaningful things such as writing poems and writing poems, Ms. Dung is extremely touched. At the same time, she also encourages her children to do what they like and can do, the most important thing is that they learn, be creative in happiness, and live responsibly.

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