6 deaths due to Adeno virus, Ministry of Health requested not to cause an outbreak

On September 21, the Department of Preventive Medicine, the Ministry of Health sent a document to the Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, the Pasteur Institute; Departments of Health of provinces and cities on strengthening prevention and control of diseases caused by Adeno virus.

In order to actively strengthen epidemic prevention and control measures, the Department of Preventive Medicine suggested that the Departments of Health of provinces and cities direct medical units to strengthen surveillance and early detection of cases. outbreaks caused by the Adeno virus, implemented to thoroughly handle the outbreaks, limiting the spread to a large area. In addition, it is necessary to promptly and fully report the epidemic situation in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health.

The localities shall direct medical examination and treatment establishments to well perform the work of collecting, isolating, treating and giving first aid to patients, minimizing the number of deaths; strictly implement infection control and prevention of cross-infection. Medical examination and treatment facilities need to guide caregivers and family members of the patient about the risk of infection and compliance with measures to prevent infection, to prevent the spread and outbreak of outbreaks in hospitals. medical examination and treatment establishments.

6 deaths from the Adeno virus, the Ministry of Health requested not to cause an outbreak - Photo 1.

Along with that, the Department of Preventive Medicine requested to strengthen the propaganda of measures to prevent the disease caused by the Adeno virus on the mass media and risk communication, with a focus on the contents of prevention recommendations. infection.

Some disease prevention measures such as: Good environmental hygiene, personal hygiene, hand washing with soap and clean water; cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing; Do not share personal items with the sick person, especially items containing the patient’s secretions…

Previously, according to the information of the National Children’s Hospital, from early 2022 to mid-September 2022, 412 cases of adenovirus disease were detected, of which 76% (324 cases) indicated hospitalization. The number of cases tends to increase from August to now. Up to now, Vietnam has recorded 6 deaths from Adeno virus.

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