6 people in the same house who did not receive the vaccine died of Covid-19

AmericaSix members of the same family in Florida who were not vaccinated against Covid-19 have died from the disease in three weeks.

After attending the funeral of a family member, Tyrone Moreland, 48, in August, her grandmother Lillie Mae Dukes Moreland, 89, was hospitalized with Covid-19 and died 24 hours later.

Lillie’s three grandchildren also later died. The most recent family loss is Trentarian Moreland, 44, who died on September 12.

Lisa Wilson believes at least two of her family’s deaths involved a grocery store where her loved one worked, but she’s not sure where others contracted the virus.

Lisa Wilson shared about family members' deaths due to Covid-19 on September 15.  Photo: WFTV.

Lisa Wilson shared about the death of family members from Covid-19 on September 15 in Florida. Photo: WFTV.

For weeks, Wilson went door-to-door in Belle Glade, Florida, to encourage people to get vaccinated, but couldn’t convince family members to get vaccinated.

“I stand with the community and constantly put out messages urging people to get vaccinated, but I couldn’t convince my family members. I persuaded them almost every day,” she said. “It all started with my uncle. He felt very bad, couldn’t eat and coughed a lot. After the medical staff took him to the hospital, they discovered there were no beds in the intensive care unit.”

More than 65% of Florida residents have been vaccinated, of which 56% are fully vaccinated. The death rate and spread of the virus in the state has begun to decline after a brutal August, according to weekly Covid-19 data from the Florida health agency.

“If my family had been vaccinated, they would still be alive now,” says Wilson, explaining that fear and misinformation led family members to refuse vaccinations.

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