7-seat car is less than 500 million to play Tet as you like

7-seat car is less than 500 million to play Tet as desired - Photo 1.

Even during the close of Tet, Suzuki still ensures the supply of cars for immediate delivery to customers

The most modest car maintenance cost

Suzuki Ertiga is good in that the vehicle maintenance cycle has been extended up to 6 months or 7,500km, whichever comes first. That means you save more time and spend less on maintenance.

With a fuel consumption rate of only about 6L/100km on mixed roads, each month car owners only spend about 1.4-1.5 million petrol money per month based on an estimated distance of 50km/day, petrol price 25,000/l.

Ertiga is much more economical than other models in the same segment with fuel consumption up to 8-9L/100km. It is estimated that in 5 years (75,000 km) of use, Ertiga saves the owner more than 10 million VND in fuel costs.

If you calculate the total initial investment costs, maintenance costs, fuel … then Ertiga also saves the owner a much larger number, about 75 million VND.

Outstanding safety features

Suzuki Ertiga is sold in the form of a complete imported car, so customers can be assured of the quality of processing and finishing.

7-seat car is less than 500 million to play Tet as desired - Photo 2.

Customers are assured of the quality and finish of Suzuki Ertiga

The Ertiga Sport has received a 4-star safety certification by ASEAN NCAP – a non-profit organization that conducts safety tests on new cars. Ertiga Sport is fully equipped with safety features to help maximize passenger protection such as: Anti-lock braking (ABS), ESP® electronic balance, Reversing sensor and built-in reversing camera…

Best rolling price

According to the actual survey at the end of the year, with an amount of about 600 million, it is possible to own a spacious 7-seat Ertiga Sport automatic transmission version. The floor number is just over 500 million VND.

In addition, users buy in installments, just need to pay about 100 million VND in advance and pay an amount of about 7 million every month to have a car parked in front of the house.

Peace of mind when using

Tran Khac Vinh (Dong Nai) has used many different cars, currently using Suzuki Ertiga Sport. Vinh bought the Ertiga Sport in October 2020, so far the car has operated more than 35,000km.

7-seat car is less than 500 million to play Tet as desired - Photo 3.

Mr. Tran Khac Vinh (Dong Nai) is very secure about the Suzuki Ertiga maintenance regime

Sharing about car maintenance, Mr. Vinh said: “The most important thing for me is the reliability of Suzuki products, and about warranty and maintenance issues, just follow the company’s recommendations.“.

The problem I was a bit skeptical according to previous users was whether Suzuki’s spare parts were enough to satisfy customers. But from 2020 Suzuki has begun to revolutionize the service, expanding the inventory and increasing the number of parts. Suzuki cars are selling more and more in Vietnam, I think spare parts will also be easier to find“, added Vinh.

Currently, Suzuki has expanded to 39 dealers nationwide and continues to open more so that customers anywhere can easily access genuine services.

Many benefits when buying a car at the end of the year

When buying a car in the near-Tet period, customers often have to wait a long time due to the scarcity of cars, buyers have to deposit a large amount of money or even have to spend more money to buy accessories to get priority delivery. car soon. With Suzuki, customers do not have to worry about this problem, the supply of vehicles is always available for immediate delivery, the fastest delivery time is guaranteed.

Currently, in addition to the company’s 100% discount on registration, if buying Ertiga, customers also receive a lot of incentives from the agent such as gift sets: Insulation film, Journey cam, Material insurance…


As a result, car buyers save a lot of money. Instead, you can use the budget to invest in the Aero Kit genuine accessory package including 8 accessories with aerodynamic design to make the car more impressive.

The continuous introduction of accessory packages, preceded by an electric trunk with integrated foot sensor, 360 camera, wireless charging proves that Suzuki is very interested and seriously invested, facilitating genuine equipment upgrades. for vehicle users. Click on the link below to view the nearest genuine Suzuki authorized dealers:


Suzuki Ertiga


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