8 living room items that should be worth the investment

When decorating a home, everyone wants to choose the best and most beautiful things for their home. However, cost is always one of the things that makes many people hesitate and timid.

However, the 8 items in the area below are what Insider recommends you invest in, because it helps ensure the aesthetics of the space, creates a highlight in your own style, and has a long shelf life. long.

1. Sofa

According to interior designer Rachel Street, the sofa is the most important piece of furniture in the living room. A worthy investment sofa will help you get a comfortable seat and create a highlight for the whole house.

For a modern space, choose a leather sofa with clean, square shapes. If you like an eclectic style, look for bright colors or fun textures.

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If the living room is designed in a modern style, you can choose a square leather sofa. And if you want to be more unique and innovative, try a bright or textured sofa.

2. Carpet

Large rugs can cost a fortune. But according to designer Kristen Piper, it’s a well-worth investment in your living room.

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Small rugs make the space feel more cramped. So don’t waste your money on a large and quality rug in the first place.

3. Window blinds

Curtains have many effects in daily life, for example: blocking sunlight, light and noise. Therefore, you should choose a good quality curtain, ensuring your space becomes more private and quiet. When choosing curtains, you should choose a color that is in harmony with the interior to make the space more luxurious.

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Better yet, you should order curtain sewing at a professional unit to be measured to the right size suitable for the wall, window frame.

4. Wall paintings

According to Robbie Maynard, designer of Robbie Interiors, a beautiful wall art – the right piece of art will help elevate the space. If you want to create a focal point in your living room or impress people with your taste and personality, consider this investment.

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In the living room, the paintings will be the center of attention.

5. Tea table

A tea table is something that every home needs. All utensils from cups, cups to decorations such as books, vases or trays… are displayed on the tea table. This is also where you sit and chat with guests and family members. Therefore, those are the reasons why you should invest in a sturdy, beautiful coffee table in the living room.

Interior designer Orley says: “I often suggest using something that will give a space a lot of character, such as a two-tiered Travertine table or a more modern marble table.”

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Coffee table is considered as an art feature to add personality to a space.

6. Lighting system

A suitable, properly distributed lighting system can dramatically improve a space. That’s also why experts recommend investing in a lighting system in the first place.

However, do not spend too much money on table lamps or floor lamps if in the future you want to replace other trendy models with more impressive designs. Instead, buy lamps that can be used for a long time such as ceiling and wall lights. In case your house is designed in the form of a luxury villa, you can use chandeliers.

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Spotlights and overhead lights help make the difference.

7. Extra seats

The living room is the common space of the family and the place to receive guests, so you should buy an extra chair or two as a highlight to make the space more lively.

Depending on the layout of the living room and design style, you can choose a matching chair or a chair of different sizes, colors and different from the sofa.

As interior designer Rachel Street says: “I like to have several sets of pillows for my living room because this allows me to change them up and give a different look and feel to the room depending on the season or mood.”

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For winter, you can choose pillows that are softer and have a cozy look. Meanwhile, in the summer, lighter and brighter fabrics are a great choice. And even better when you can change the whole year.

8. Scented candles

Scented candles or essential oils are worth spending a little extra on as they really help create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Orley says: “I encourage clients to find a few scents they love to create their own. I also often bring scented candles to feel like a little familiar and cozy scent can follow me. anywhere I want.”

8 living room items should be worth the investment - Photo 8.

Scented candles also have a great effect when used for decoration.

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