8 remedies from litchi fruit and notes when using it

Litchi fruit is also known as la chi. Science name Litchi sinensis Radlk. (Nephellium litchi Cambess, Euphoria litchi Desf). Belongs to the family of Bo Hon Sapindaceae.

Lychee is grown throughout Vietnam, but also found in Cambodia, Laos, China, Thailand, and northern India.

Lychees are harvested in May-June, used fresh or dried or canned for later use. Thinly sliced ​​lychee seeds, dried or dried, are used to make medicine with the name of chi ganglia.

In the seed coat (tu y), we often call the lychee zone with the main sugar being glucose (66%); some in the form of sucrose (5%); protein 1.5%; fat 1.4%; vitamin C (average 40mg in 100g of seed coat); vitamin C2vitamins A and B (these two vitamins are usually only found in fresh seed coats, often lost when dried), citric acid.

In lychee seeds, there are 1-1.5% tannins, 1-1.2% ash, 10-12% moisture, 5-6% fat, alpha methylenecyclopropyglyxin.

8 remedies from litchi fruit and notes when using - Photo 1.

The litchi tree gives us valuable medicines.

1. Usage and dosage

According to the book Medicinal plants and Vietnamese herbs by Prof. Dr. Do Tat Loi, ao dai has been used for food and medicine for a long time.

In ancient documents, it is said that the seed coat has a sweet, sour taste, is average or temperate, and is not toxic; has the effect of nourishing blood, quenching thirst, diarrhea, curing boils, making beans grow easily, eating a lot of beauty, but in the ancient author also said that eating a lot will generate heat and flow. nosebleeds and toothache (Mau Hy Ung and Hoang Cung Tu).

Daily use 10-16g dry seed coat.

Lychee seed (le chi ganglia) is also a medicine that has been used for a long time. According to ancient documents, the leek is sweet, acrid, temperate, and non-toxic; has the effect of dispersing welding, reducing gas, is a medicine to treat pain and swelling of yin cyst (hernia); Also used to treat diarrhea in children.

Daily use from 4 to 8g in the form of powder or drink decoction.

Other parts: In addition, people also use flowers, stem bark and sharp roots to take mouthwash to treat sore throat, toothache.

8 remedies from litchi fruit and notes when using - Photo 2.

Litchi fruit has many medicinal uses.

2. Some remedies from litchi

According to Prof. Dr. Pham Xuan Sinh some remedies from litchi:

2.1 Abdominal pain, nausea: Bring the litchi seeds toasted, peeled and eaten with the amount of about 6-8g/time. 2 times a day.

2.2 Stomach pain: 3g lychee seeds (made as above), 2g myrrh. Fine powder, drink with warm water. 2-3 times a day.

2.3 Dysmenorrhea or postpartum abdominal pain: Burnt litchi seeds count 20g, 40g finely ground incense, 6-8g day drink with dilute salt water or rice water. 2 times a day.

2.4 Women with lower abdominal pain (pain in the appendages) like pins and needles: Lychee seeds are sliced ​​as above, black star, anise microstars (4-8g) finely ground, drink with warm wine, 3 times a day. Drink for several days until the symptoms are gone.

2.5 Gas flukes in men (inguinal hernia, testicular pain): Lychee seeds processed as above, yellow star, star anise (past star), kumquat kernel (mandarin seed) yellow star.

All 3 flavors are equal, finely ground, drink with warm water, 2-3 times a day, 6-8g each time.

Children according to age reduce the dose.

It is also possible to use only litchi seeds burned into charcoal, mixed with alcohol to drink, with a dose of 4-6g. Or take lychee seeds processed in the above way, bare skin, 10g equal, gold star, 3g sulfur. Use as a fine powder. 2 divided doses during the day.

2.6 Diarrhea due to damaged spleen: 7 litchi fruit, 5 big apple. Sac took water to drink several times a day.

2.7 Hiccups: Litchi 7 fruits, fresh ginger 6g, red sugar 4g. Color drink.

2.8 Swollen and painful teeth: Green litchi, add a little salt to eat or burn, grind it finely, rub it on the tooth roots.

8 remedies from litchi fruit and notes when using - Photo 3.

Lychee fruit is very good for health but should not be eaten in large quantities.

3. Note when eating lychee

Some people who eat litchi are poisoned with symptoms such as nausea, hives, severe abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, low blood pressure… not because of the lychee itself, but because of the lychee itself. A poisonous fungus Candida tropicalis is often found on the knobs of overripe, crushed, rotten litchis. The content of sugar, pH, and acid is the necessary environment for the growth of fungi. Therefore, you should not eat too much, especially when you see unusual changes in the quality of the fruit.

Eating a lot of litchi can cause high blood sugar and heat in the body. Diabetics should only eat 4-5 lychees at a time. People who have a tendency to develop boils, heat rash, and styes should not eat a lot of these fruits, because the high sugar content in lychee will increase blood sugar, which is an ideal environment for bacteria. bacteria grow.

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