8008 – Peugeot 5008’s elder SUV will be like?

8008 - Peugeot 5008's elder SUV will be like?  - Photo 1.

Sketch of the design of a large SUV Peugeot 8008 using a Landtrek pickup chassis – Photo: Theottle

Peugeot – the once key brand of the PSA Group – is now a member of the Stellantis multinational group in combination with PSA and the third largest force in the American car village, FCA. Their lineup in the past time has focused on urban and mid-size cars more than highlight-rich cars such as large cars or off-road, the rare new feature of the company can be said to come from Landtrek – pickup model has not too large coverage.

The fact that Peugeot almost returned to North America (the company announced the above intention after the complete merger of Stellantis) made many fans of the French brand hope that they would introduce a line of cars bold in this region, such as large cars. , off-road vehicle or even a combination of the two.

8008 - Peugeot 5008's elder SUV will be like?  - Photo 2.

Peugeot has a pretty good chassis foundation to make an off-road SUV – Photo: Theottle

Peugeot 8008 – Theottle’s product outline should, is such an idea. Using a separate body structure like the Landtrek pickup, the Peugeot 8008 is a mid-size SUV with an impressive off-road performance like the Ford Ranger/Everest or the Nissan Navara/Terra in the current global market. .

The current global market trend is favoring both large SUVs and off-road SUVs more than ever, so in theory Peugeot has a basis to carry out a project like 8008. However, considering that Peugeot has already and is focusing on the European market where small urban cars and electric cars are the new trend, the possibility that Peugeot or beyond, Stellantis, green light for such a project is not too high…

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