83-year-old woman trained 65 cats to steal jewelry, her family lost 14 billion dong

An 83-year-old woman living in the US has been arrested and charged with training dozens of cats to steal jewelry and other valuables from neighbors.

The Columbus Police Department (USA) opened an investigation into Ruth Gregson and her 65 cats in October after several neighbors reported small items being stolen from their home.

Some victims said Mrs. Gregson’s cat often ran over to the house to play. Then they discovered Some valuable jewelry suddenly disappeared.

After conducting an investigation, Colombus County officers were surprised to discover that the cats themselves had stolen the valuables.

An 83-year-old woman trained 65 cats to steal jewelry from neighbors, whose family lost 14 billion dong - Photo 1.

Portrait of old lady Ruth Gregson

“In less than three hours of monitoring, the investigator saw the cats bring home more than a hundred different items,” – an officer said.

When investigating Ms. Gregson’s home, investigators found many jewelry, even an item worth $650,000 (VND 14 billion) was also found. A total of 65 adult cats and 17 kittens were found on the site and assigned to the Humane Society of Columbus.

According to Columbus Police, Mrs. Gregson’s cats are believed to have stolen more than 5,000 homes in the area

Sheriff Jacobs said the elderly woman confessed to training her cats to steal, saying the cats had to “earn their meals”.

“Mrs. Gregson only feeds the animals if they bring home valuables, so the animals have to steal often to survive. Most of them are malnourished so they should get help easily. pity the neighbors and be allowed into their homes”.

Source: Newjerseybrief


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