9/11: A big milestone in modern history

September 11: A big milestone in modern history - Photo 1.

Visitors look at the World Trade Center and New York’s buildings on September 11 this year as the United States celebrates its 20th anniversary – Photo: Reuters

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the September 11 event, former ambassador Nguyen Tam Chien sent this article to Tuoi Tre (title and sub-title of Tuoi Tre).

On the morning of September 11 of that year, when I was just sitting at my desk, the political counselor of the Embassy came in and informed me that there was an explosion and saw smoke rising in downtown Washington.


We ran out and looked in that direction. After only a few minutes, television stations continuously broadcast images of the twin towers of the New York Trade Center being hit by two civil planes, smoking, burning fiercely, and people fleeing.

Along with that is the news that the Pentagon in Washington DC was attacked by a plane, and that place is less than 4 kilometers from the headquarters of our embassy. Another plane crashed in Pennsylvania, between New York and Washington.

Not everyone understood what happened. Less than ten minutes later, the entire United States was shocked to hear that the United States had been attacked by terrorists. The symbols of American military and economic power are on fire!

Next is the image of President G. Bush visiting and talking at an elementary school in Florida. When his assistant put his ear to report the bad news, he froze for a moment.

Right after that, the president took a plane back to the capital. But to prevent further attacks, his plane temporarily turned west and landed at a military airport, then flew back to Washington in the president’s impatience because “the American people need to know me.” is in the capital.”

This is how the event that shook America happened. The whole world witnessed the immediate actions of the United States afterwards.

And not everyone knows the image of the Americans hastily withdrawing their troops from Afghanistan on August 15, ending America’s grueling 20 years in South Asia, which was directly caused by the 9/11 terrorist attacks. .

Recall and reflect

Indeed, 9/11 has completely changed America as well as world politics. First of all, it makes America question how right and effective its way of dealing in the modern world is. That spending trillions of dollars and sacrificing thousands of American soldiers over the years in the war on terror “for what end goal?”.

How squandered and wrongly used American power!

After 8 years of his two terms, when he left the White House, President G. Bush, who used toImmediately after “September 11” “waging the war on terror and expanding (American-style) democracy to the world”, he declared that he was not born to be a wartime president, and apologized to the people. America because of the economic crisis. The consequences of the opening since “September 11” have made 3 consecutive US presidents struggle to withdraw from the militarily quagmire.

Second, September 11 marked the change of the international position of the United States. From being in the upper hand, being the only superpower since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the US gradually became a weak and difficult power.

The world from the US-Soviet bipolar order has gradually entered a multi-centre state, becoming more and more dependent on each other, in which the US is only one center, although it is still the strongest.

The major powers China and Russia taking advantage of the US’s quagmire have grown tremendously. Changes in the politics of major powers in international relations have been taking place far and wide, starting after the 2001 US terrorist attacks.

The Pearl Harbor War 76 years ago was the first conflict to occur on American soil, bringing America into World War II. The 9/11 terrorist attack is the second attack on US soil that has also brought about incalculable strategic consequences for the US whose impact will probably be long-lasting.

Third, the political and social consequences of “September 11” for the United States and the world have not ended after 20 years. America itself is still suspicious after all these years with the loss of people and property, the fear of terrorism must have become a thing of the past for them?

The society of Muslim countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq, over the years of destruction, has become chaotic, unstable in terms of security and politics. The risk of future terrorism for the US as well as many other countries is still open. The “Eurasian intercontinental” soft zone on the world map continues to be an extremely sensitive and complex area.

“September 11” and how to deal with it is still a topical topic for contemporary international politics. There is still a glimpse of the image of President Bush, full of determination at first but then very tired later in the years in office.

Then there is the end of the withdrawal after many wars of the Americans in the past few decades, the complicated situation in other hot spots today… All of these seem to remind countries of common flow policies. and pleasing to people.

Among the Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the United States, perhaps Ambassador Nguyen Tam Chien (in office from August 2001 to September 2007) has the most special experience when talking about the event of September 11, 2001, because of the historical event that happened when he had just come to the United States to receive his assignment and had not yet presented his credentials to the US president.

NGUYEN TAM CHIEN (former Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Vietnam to the US from August 2001 to September 2007)


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