9 details that ordinary people easily overlook, but high EQ people pay attention and succeed through good application

In the workplace, competence is a necessary condition for success, but it is not the only condition. Besides, a person must also show his sophistication. This is a very important factor in determining the quality of your relationships.

The subtlety is most evident through the details that are easy to overlook, but sometimes, that’s the key to “scoring”. If you want to improve your condition, you should start paying attention to these details:

1. Dare to stand up and handle the problem

Someone said, when a person dares to stand up to solve a problem, that is the moment that they shine in the eyes of the crowd around. In fact, not everyone who is capable also dares to take the burden, but those who are confident enough to shoulder must be capable.

If a person is both talented and confident in their abilities, they can often do great things. Of course, the results are not always as good as expected, and the journey is not as favorable as you expect. But with the mentality of daring to face difficulties, they will always be appreciated by others.

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2. Don’t lie, but not necessarily tell the whole truth

Lying requires countless lies to compensate, which will cost us a lot of brains to defend the original lie. Therefore, EQ people often do not lie when faced with a difficult problem to answer. They often tell the truth, but that’s only part of the truth.

We are under no obligation to tell the whole story to others. Adults will talk less and less, when they don’t know how to say it, the less they say, the less likely they are to make mistakes.

3. No need to “empty” what’s in the bag

Being a good teacher is not necessarily wise in the workplace. The act of “devoted” to share one’s own experiences can inadvertently turn a person into a person who likes to “teach life” in the eyes of others. Thus, good intentions are not recognized, backfired.

When someone needs your help, they are the ones who need to take the initiative to raise the question. Otherwise, you should refrain from interfering despite your kindness.

4. No matter how close a relationship is, there’s always a line that shouldn’t be crossed

In the adult world, there are often differences between the inside and the outside. In everyday life, people will unintentionally or intentionally imply their own limits. It’s a way for them to protect themselves, to help the surrounding interactions take place more happily and smoothly. People with high EQ are often observant enough to recognize where the line is and never cross it.

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5. Keep your individuality in common

Behaving differently, expressing harshness is often not considered a “personality”, but a person who does not know how to handle personal relationships. Adults can control their desire to manifest and choose to retain the personality that is most beneficial to them according to the general personality. This is just enough for them to integrate without dissolving in a community.

6. Don’t make decisions when you’re angry

Not only people with high EQ but simply adults in general are good at controlling their emotions. Not being in a hurry, not letting anger make you lose your mind is the real bravery. If you’re really angry, take some time and space alone, self-assess, and “digest” your feelings. If you can’t control it well, you are most likely to unintentionally or be manipulated into making wrong decisions.

7. Agree as slowly as possible, decline as quickly as possible

Some people disagree, thinking that it is better to agree quickly and decline slowly. In fact, if you reject someone the moment they say it, the other person with a 50:50 mentality will be more likely to accept defeat. If you give an unclear answer, they may raise their hopes for a while and then suddenly receive a rejection, the feeling of disappointment will be much greater.

Consent is similar. If the other person gets the approval easily, they may take it for granted and don’t appreciate your kindness behind. But if they wait anxiously for a few days, until they receive an agreement, they will be more impressed with this. At the same time, you will also have more time to consider and make the right decision.

9 details that ordinary people easily overlook, while high EQ people pay attention and succeed thanks to good application - Photo 3.

8. Good at “jumping out” of the options in front of you

We are all too familiar with a multiple choice question given 4 answers A – B – C – D with the task of choosing 1 correct answer among them. Therefore, ordinary people tend to choose among the answers that others give you. In contrast, adults dare to ask themselves, whether this question has a 5th, even 6th, 7th answer… or not.

9. Be kind to their family

The fastest way to judge a person’s character is to look at how they treat their family. There are fierce, grumpy men in society, but when they come home, they give the most tenderness to their loved ones. Many people, on the contrary, are ready to be polite and polite to strangers, and reveal all their bad habits to their family members. That is extremely foolish.

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