A girl with a disability becomes a brand ambassador

A girl with a disability becomes a brand ambassador - Photo 1.

Pham Thi Thuy becomes the brand ambassador of the robotic arm for the disabled – Photo: Tra Tran

During the conversation, Pham Thi Thuy (currently living and working in Hanoi) smiled and showed off her missing left arm.

Turn weakness become a strength

Thuy heard her mother tell her that in the first months of pregnancy, she was sick, she took the medicine without carefully reading the instructions for use. The mother went to the fetal ultrasound and did not find any abnormalities, and when she was born, she found out that the baby was missing a hand.

During her childhood years, Thuy grew up with a missing left hand, the lower part of the wrist shrunk, she hid it in crowded places.

“No one in the family has a disability, so my mother was sad and shocked. And I suffered from guilt since I was a child, going to school was often teased by friends, especially in elementary school. By middle school and high school, teachers were teachers. and friends all love and help but still can’t get rid of the guilt,” she recalls.

The sadness persisted throughout the following years, wherever she went, she wore a long dress to cover her arms, unable to confidently stand on the performance stage, not even daring to stand in crowded places.

After graduating from high school, Thuy took her backpack to Hue to study with the dream of building an independent life. But the guilt still didn’t go away, she lived alone in a shell!

A few months later, she stopped studying, took her backpack and returned to Hanoi to look for opportunities to open her eyes. That year, Thuy just turned 18. Alone in the capital with the money she earned from a part-time job, she signed up for a Chinese language course and searched for job information online.

“At first, I thought that if they only had one hand, they wouldn’t recognize me, but I just submitted the list. Luckily, I was accepted to work for the Center of Will to Live and stick together until now,” Thuy confided.

At the center, being able to live and work with disabled siblings, get to know and interact with many people makes her realize that no one is shy because she is a person with a disability. Instead, they see weaknesses as strengths and are always confident, trying to improve themselves.

She expressed: “In the past, I thought it (the arm) was very ugly, which made me feel guilty about my surroundings. Now I see that my hand has no problem at all, taking pictures is strange and beautiful.”

Don’t be self-deprecating with your flaws, because everyone has flaws. Try to overcome it, it will definitely be difficult at first, but once you get over it, everything becomes very light. Just be confident in yourself.


Not perfect but different

During the epidemic days, Thuy was still working hard in front of the computer screen. The right hand holds the mouse, the rest of her left arm often uses to type keys such as Control, Shift, Caps Lock, Tab and can press 3 buttons at once. She shows off the dead end of her wrist that she can press all the letter keys, but it’s not fast by everyone.

“At first, my left arm was very tired, I was not used to working with computers, so I pressed very slowly. Encouraged by the teacher and then looking at other disabled siblings, I tried to persevere in pursuing and practicing according to the teacher’s instructions. Now, I have mastered the computer, used Photoshop fluently, and learned soft skills.” she shared.

More than 2 years with the company, now the job has helped Thuy to support herself, pay the expensive living expenses in the capital, sometimes she even saves money to send back to help her grandparents. at home.

In 2020, being introduced by a sister at the center about the free arm fitting support program for people with disabilities, Thuy registered to participate. With a pretty face, an attractive spirit, fortunately the Nghe girl “caught the eye” of the company and was offered to become the brand ambassador of the robotic arm for the disabled.

On that journey, from a timid girl who lives alone, Thuy actively participates in photography activities, shoots commercials, and participates in product launches and upgrades to new versions. No need to wear a long-sleeved shirt to cover up her defects, instead, Thuy confidently showed off her figure in the frames, standing on the stage to perform.

“In the past, I was alone, afraid of people seeing me everywhere I went. Now I don’t mind anymore! Becoming a brand ambassador makes me happier, more confident, dynamic and spreads positive energy to everyone. “, Thuy thought.

Thuy’s desire is to become a photo model in the future. She shared that she would create opportunities for herself, determined to pursue her long-cherished dream.

Parents broke up, from a young age Thuy grew up in the love and care of her grandparents. Grandparents always give the best for their niece, who is already very disadvantaged.

Thuy remembers her grandmother teaching her how to be independent in life with her other arm, how to handle it when there are no adults around. Thanks to that, the years away from home helped Thuy become stronger, live independently and take care of herself.

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