A series of smart kitchen appliances that help you make delicious and cool refreshments at home, no matter how clumsy, you can easily ‘handle’ them beautifully.

A cup of cool, vitamin-rich juice can easily help you “cool down” before the terrible heat of summer. Not to mention, juice also helps beautify the skin, reduce rashes, hives… Therefore, investing in a slow juicer is a great choice for you and your family. Instead of having to go to the store to buy bottled juice, you can actively prepare delicious cups of fruit and vegetable juice at home.

Immediately refer to the Kalite KL 565 slow juicer with a capacity of 240W, size XL squeeze tube, inner spiral press to help you squeeze all kinds of fruit pulp. The juice from Kalite KL 565 will not be stratified, does not oxidize, retains 98% of vitamins, nutrients and 100% natural flavor.

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“Lighter wallet” than the slow juicer Kalite KL 565 is mComet CM9956 300W 1.25L blender. You can buy this blender at Lazada with a deep discount of 35%, the current price is 349k. The machine has a powerful 300W operating capacity combined with a cross-shaped blade made of super durable stainless steel, good corrosion resistance, helping you both grind a lot of fruit and ensure quality.

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In addition to juices or smoothies, ice cream is an equally popular cooling dish in the summer. Making hand-made ice cream is not difficult now because you already have the help of super modern and super smart ice cream making equipment. In particular, the Tiross TS-9090 automatic ice cream machine is a product worth referring to. This girl has 2 modes to make hard ice cream and super soft ice cream. With just a few simple steps, you will immediately have cool ice cream treats for your family.

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If you are a yogurt lover, you should buy this yogurt maker right away, make sure you just want to stay in the kitchen to show off your talents. Compared to ice cream machines, yogurt machines have a much more “affordable” price. Specifically, the Lock & Lock machine I introduced below costs only 490k.

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