Accidentally listening to the person sitting next to me on the bus say 2 sentences, the woman foresaw something bad, her small action was praised by the whole network.

Recently, an incident happened on a bus in the city Luoyang, Henan Province, China has become viral on social networks. From the camera on the car, it was shown that in the evening of that day, a boy about 8, 9 years old wearing a school bag got on bus number 23 alone.

“I have an impression of this boy, he goes on that bus route alone every day. That day, he was followed by two other men. They went in and swiped their cards normally and sat right behind the boy. “, Ms. Hai A De, the bus driver told.

While the car was driving on the road, these two men suddenly started talking to the boy. A woman sitting in the next row heard this dialogue and immediately saw the “wrong” point. Specifically, they asked the child: “What’s your name? What grade are you in? Where do you live?”. Although these may be just simple polite greetings, the next question that made the passenger “catch the signal” to identify the kidnappers, which is the question: “In do you wear a smart watch on your hand?”

After listening to the conversation, the enthusiastic female passenger reminded the boy and asked him if he knew the two men. She even said Don’t tell them too much if you don’t know them.”. SThe female passenger’s intervention made the other two angry. The two sides then had a fierce argument.

When he heard his passenger’s commotion, the driver sitting above partly understood the incident. After a while, the little boy got out of the car. When the boy had walked out the door, the other two men also got up and went down with him. At this time, driver Hai A De made a decisive action, which was very simple but could “remove the danger” for all. She said loudly to the boy: “Come here, nknelt down beside her!” The boy was bewildered, but did as well. Since there was no other reason to linger, the other two men had to get off the bus alone.

The incident is not over yet. Even after getting off the bus, the two suspected child abductors were still standing at the bus station and walking around. If then let the child get out of the car and go home as usual, Hai A De is afraid that something bad will still happen. So she asked all the passengers on the bus to wait a moment. The driver gave the phone to the child to call his mother to pick him up, and at the same time narrated the whole incident and asked the mother to call the police.

“The passengers are all very cooperative. WeI waited for about 10 minutes for the child’s mother to arrive. Now everyone is safe to move on.”, the female bus driver said.

Everyone is waiting in agreement to ensure the boy’s safety

The careful, dedicated and highly alert actions of the female passenger and bus driver were then highly appreciated by the police. After being reported by the media, the female bus driver on route 23 was praised by the local police and awarded a certificate of merit.

Accidentally listening to the person sitting next to him on the bus say 2 sentences, the woman feels bad things, small actions that are praised by the whole network - Photo 6.

The female driver was praised for her quickness, vigilance and dedication to young passengers

Hai A De couldn’t help but choke when recalling the incident: “At that time I thought, nIf this boy is kidnapped by bad guys, what will happen to that family?

A few days later, the female bus driver also received a letter thanks from the boy. On it is written: “She is a great driver. Because of people like you, the world can become a better place…”

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