Actor Hong Dang ‘opens the door’ ‘Weekend appointment’ season 2

Actor Hong Dang is the first guest of Weekend appointment season 2. Hong Dang said he was nervous all night and couldn’t sleep when he accepted. How many memories came flooding back like the first role, the film worked with People’s Artist Hoang Dung, the first start-up.

“In space Weekend appointment Hong Dang is a very real Hong Dang, an interesting sharing about life, family, and career”, Hong Dang expressed. Besides smiles, the audience also met Hong Dang’s emotional tears when remember the strict teacher, People’s Artist Hoang Dung – who taught him in school for three years but never praised him.

Actor Hong Dang opens a shop for a weekend appointment season 2 - Photo 1.

Hong Dang’s tears when talking about People’s Artist Hoang Dung

Not only Hong Dang, Lan Phuong is also among the first guests to record. Lan Phuong hopes that the audience will see actress Lan Phuong from many interesting angles. The producer revealed a number of guests such as Meritorious Artist Thanh Loc, singer-songwriter Phan Manh Quynh, Miss H’Hen Niê, singer Isaac…

Weekend appointment season 2 returns at 8 pm every Saturday on VTV3 from July 2. The highlight was the unexpected exchange, editor Long Vu replaced editor Quoc Khanh. Editor Tran Ngoc is the person who connects situations, leads and brings fresh emotions. Huyen Trang – Mustard returns for season 2 with tough and humorous challenges for guests.

Actor Hong Dang opens a shop for a weekend appointment season 2 - Photo 2.

Mr. Do Thanh Hai, Deputy General Director of VTV, is expected at the weekend appointment season 2

Mr. Do Thanh Hai, Deputy General Director of VTV, recalled the background of the first season of the weekend appointment in July 2021, which was the period of the whole country in the mood of the epidemic, affecting all aspects of life. Therefore, the program must be produced in extremely harsh conditions due to epidemic prevention and control regulations.

“I think Weekend Appointment affirms VTV’s professional team. I hope this will become one of the healthy entertainment programs that bring beautiful emotions to the audience,” said Mr. Do Thanh Hai.

Answering Tien Phong’s question about the breakthrough of season 2, director Diep Chi: “The weekend appointment is different from other entertainment programs in that there is no fixed format. Format and script are based on guest stories. invited. Each guest is surprised because they will be greeted with unexpected emotions. Each guest that comes is a problem for the crew, with each new number is a discussion to discuss.”

Actor Hong Dang opens a shop for a weekend appointment season 2 - Photo 3.

Editor Long Vu will replace Editor Quoc Khanh to lead the Weekend Appointment

Besides the guests, director Diep Chi affirmed that the host is the soul. “Mr. Long Vu has a different way of exploiting the story. We also do not repeat the success that the brown-skinned Viet Hoang BTV had in the program, instead a new Tran Ngoc. The weekend appointment season 2 still has new things that cannot be named, waiting for the audience to feel. We want to keep the most familiar atmosphere,” said director Diep Chi.

Actor Hong Dang opens a weekend appointment season 2 - Photo 4.

Weekend appointment season 2 is back with many unexpected touching stories

The band and singer also became the hallmarks of Date Weekend. Musician Hong Kien continues to lead the band. He revealed that there is more pressure, the hardest of which is putting the performance in the right story of the guest. Director Khai Anh is behind the skits that bring indispensable spices in Weekend Date with faces like Meritorious Artist Quang Thang, artist Van Dung, young actors like Duy Nam, Trung Ruoi…

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