Actress playing Tieu Long Nu 2022

Recently, the movie God Condor 2022 started filming at the Hengdian studio, Zhejiang, China. The role that is most interested in is Tieu Long Nu, played by the beauty born in 2001 Vuong Tu Thuan. Young actor Zhao Hua Wei plays Duong Qua. The looks of the two stars were praised.

“I don’t know how to act, but I look at the appearance of the male and female lead quite peacefully”, “The cast of veteran stars plays a supporting role for the two young actors, but this Tieu Long Nu’s beauty is also outstanding”, ” For a few years now, Kim Dung’s story has been remade, there is no excellent version, hope Vuong Tu Thuan and Trieu Hoa Vi seize the opportunity”, the audience put their expectations on God Condor new version when looking at the appearance of the two main actors.

Vuong Tu Thuan and Trieu Hoa Vi play the role of Tieu Long Nu and Duong Qua in The Great Condor Heroes 2022. Photo: Weibo

According to Sina, Vuong Tu Thuan is a famous online hot girl since she was 15 years old. She often shares a series of photos and receives hundreds of compliments for her elegant body, outstanding beauty, and a blend of Liu Yifei and Luong Lac Thi. Although he has not acted in a movie, Vuong Tu Thuan has also been invited by many brands to be an advertising model.

Since childhood, Wang Zichun wanted to become an actor. When she was in high school, besides studying culture, she also attended acting training classes, to prepare for the entrance exam to art schools.

In the first year, Wang Zichun did not achieve good results. In 2020, she passed the Beijing Film Academy with the 5th national art score. Vuong Tu Thuan was a classmate of Truong Tu Phong, Yen Hu Gia and Ha Mong. Thanks to owning a height of 1.73 m, a well-proportioned body, Vuong Tu Thuan was named the beauty of the academy.

Outstanding physique of Miss Beijing Film Academy Wang Zichun

The male lead Duong Qua is played by the young talent Trieu Hoa Vi. The actor born in 1998 is well appreciated for playing Ho Phi in Snow Son Phi Ho 2022. The actor has a solid, masculine appearance. He graduated from the Central Academy of Drama in China in 2017, with a performance degree. Zhao Huawei started acting in 2019, acted in movies Returning to Kunlun, the mother of the family, the Five Elements of the world.

In addition, actors Dong Tuyen, Thich Ngan Nang, Tran Tu Ham, Luong Gia Huy… also participated in the show. God Condor new version. In it, Dong Tuyen played Lam Trieu Anh in God Condor 2014. La Gia Luong plays Duong Khang in Condor Heroes 1994. Tran Tu Ham also played the evil Quach Phu in God Condor 2006.

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