Afghan women can’t go far without a man

Afghan women cannot go far without a man - Photo 1.

The new rule makes women can be refused service by traffic vehicles if they do not wear a headscarf – Photo: AFP

Ministry of Ethics Promotion and Prevention spokesman Sadeq Akif Muhajir told AFP news agency that vehicles would not carry women farther than 72km without a male relative accompanying them.

In addition, vehicle owners only carry women if they are wearing a headscarf and no music is allowed in the vehicle.

The new rule comes just weeks after Taliban officials ordered Afghan TV channels to stop showing movies and plays featuring the actress.

Female reporters must also wear headscarves when appearing on television.

Since taking power in Afghanistan in August, the Taliban have enacted numerous regulations regarding women and girls. In some localities, many high school girls still cannot go to school.

Earlier this month, the Taliban issued a regulation to improve women’s rights in Afghanistan, but has yet to address women’s right to go to school and work.

The new rule includes that women are not “property” and can decide their own marriage. Women should not be forced into marriage and widows should receive a share of the deceased husband’s estate.

Women’s rights were severely restricted during the previous Taliban rule, from 1996 to 2001. At that time, Afghan women could not leave their homes without men and girls could not go to school.

The Taliban won't let the actresses play movies The Taliban won’t let the actresses play movies

TTO – The Taliban government in Afghanistan has issued Islamic regulations for the media industry, requiring television stations to stop broadcasting movies featuring actresses, requiring female reporters to wear hijabs when on screen.


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