Afghanistan’s ambassador to the United Nations accuses the Taliban of human rights violations

Afghanistan's ambassador to the United Nations accuses the Taliban of human rights violations - Photo 1.

Mr. Ghulam Isaczai, Ambassador of Afghanistan to the United Nations – Photo: REUTERS

Sputnik news agency quoted Afghanistan’s ambassador Ghulam Isaczai speaking at a UN Security Council meeting on September 10, saying that there were witnesses accusing the Taliban of atrocities and human rights violations.

“They carried out targeted executions, cut off communication lines and imposed a blockade of humanitarian assistance,” Isaczai said in a call for the Security Council not to recognize any government. in Kabul, if it is not a comprehensive government and is “made up of the free will of the people”.

The Taliban, who took control of Afghanistan after occupying the capital Kabul on August 15, recently announced an interim government consisting of only the group’s leaders and no women.

The UN special envoy for Afghanistan, Deborah Lyons, also said that the agency’s staff in Afghanistan are more harassed and intimidated under Taliban control.

“The UN cannot be unable to work – work is so important to the Afghan people – when staff are threatened, fear for their lives and cannot move freely,” Ms Lyons said.

The United Nations has warned that Afghanistan is at risk of an economic collapse that has plunged millions into poverty.

Talking about this issue, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, although he did not mention the lifting of sanctions and financial blockade of Afghanistan abroad, but said there could be a number of measures to help relieve the Afghan economy. . Guterres also called on the international community to maintain dialogue with the Taliban.

Despite taking power, the Taliban still have no access to Afghanistan’s multi-billion dollar assets frozen abroad. Countries so far have not recognized the provisional government set up by this force.

The Taliban also face many other security problems. On September 9, speaking during a visit to Kuwait, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin warned al Qaeda terrorist group could return to Afghanistan.

“The very nature of al Qaeda and the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) group is to re-emerge and thrive wherever it is, whether it’s Somalia or anarchy. They will always find a place to grow” – Mr. Austin speak.

Meanwhile, in the Panjshir valley, the Taliban are dealing with resistance from resistance groups. The Afghan National Resistance Front group in this area recently accused the Taliban of expelling thousands of people from Panjshir and ethnic cleansing in the area.


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