Ambassadors of Russia and the United States oppose each other in Beijing

The US ambassador said at the event in Beijing that Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine violated the UN charter, but the Russian ambassador denied.

“The fact that Russia sent armed forces across the border for no reason to start the war has brought so much pain to humanity, when so many innocent civilians have been killed in Ukraine,” the US ambassador said. in China Nicholas Burns speaks at the World Peace Forum in Beijing on July 4.

This forum is a rare event that both US and Russian ambassadors attend and debate about the Russian military campaign launched in Ukraine.

“This is a direct violation of the UN Charter, a violation of what the Russian Federation signed when it became a member of the UN,” added Ambassador Burns.

US Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns speaks at the World Peace Forum in Beijing on July 4.  Photo: VCG.

US Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns speaks at the World Peace Forum in Beijing on July 4. Image: VCG.

Russian Ambassador to China Andrey Denisov immediately hit back at the US ambassador’s position, asserting that he “completely disagrees” and can “refute word for word” in what he called “a contradiction”. intervention” from Ambassador Burns.

Before the debate, Ambassador Denisov said he wanted to show “diplomatic courtesy” and wished Ambassador Burns and the American people a happy Independence Day on July 4. He then accused NATO of conducting “five waves of expansion”, forcing Russia to act.

The Russian ambassador also praised Beijing for its “reasonable and balanced” approach, noting that China still maintains relations with Ukraine. “That’s why I hope China can send a signal to Ukraine so that they are more realistic in their assessment of the situation,” Denisov said.

In response, Ambassador Burns asked the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman to “stop accusing NATO of starting this war”. He said this was Russia’s “propaganda operation” and “China followed suit”.

Attending the event were British and French ambassadors to China. British Ambassador Caroline Wilson accused Russia of being the main party responsible for the conflict, insisting that NATO was a “purely defensive alliance” and that the bloc had acted “very restrained” with Russia.

The already tense relationship between Russia and the US continues to escalate due to the conflict in Ukraine. The United States and its allies have imposed an unprecedented series of sanctions, confiscating the assets of Russian oligarchs and officials, controlling exports and banning imports of Russian coal and oil.

Russia responded by banning the export of more than 200 items in the telecommunications, medical, automotive, agricultural, electrical engineering and technology sectors until the end of 2022. Moscow also banned a series of Western officials from entering the country, punishing them with sanctions. fined dozens of Western energy companies as well as required “unfriendly” countries to buy Russian energy in rubles.

China said it did not support the military operation in Ukraine and called on all sides to negotiate to end the conflict. Beijing officials have also repeatedly accused the US of “provoking Russia” by promoting NATO’s expansion.

Seven decades of NATO advance in Europe.  Graphics: Statista.

Seven decades of NATO advance in Europe. Graphics: Statesman.

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