American transport aircraft practice landing on the highway

Transporter C-130J landed on a highway in Wyoming, when rehearsing the content of entering the battlefield, rescuing besieged soldiers.

The US Air Force said that a C-130J Hercules transport aircraft took off and landed on Highway 287 in a remote area in Wyoming early in the morning of September 13. This is part of the week-long “Rally in the Rockies” exercise organized by the US Air Force Reserve Command.

After landing safely, the C-130J participated in a simulation of an effort to find and rescue soldiers surrounded by the enemy. The Wyoming Department of Transportation closed the entire route for several hours for drills, while the surrounding area was treated as enemy-controlled territory.

American transport aircraft practice taking off and landing on the highway

Transporter C-130J landed on a highway in Wyoming on September 13. Video: Youtube/Cowboy State Daily.

This is just one of many scenarios of the Rally in the Rockies exercise, with the participation of more than 10 units of the Air Force Reserve and the Air National Guard.

The common scenario emphasizes operating in a dangerous environment when conflict breaks out with US equals. The National Guard and the reserve forces are tasked with coordinating smoothly with regular units to ensure “strategic depth”, which requires enough soldiers and equipment to meet the requirements of the military. battlefield commander.

The US Air Force is looking to increase the ability of aircraft to operate at field airports, in order to reduce reliance on large bases and are vulnerable to pre-emptive strikes.

Taking off and landing on the highway is a very useful skill in war, when military airports are easy to become the first target to be destroyed by the enemy. Defense forces can disperse planes to secret locations and then take off from highways to counterattack, surprising the enemy.

This skill also works in deep raid campaigns, allowing mechanized transports to land on highways deep in enemy territory to deploy or withdraw forces.

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