An Giang is not only famous for spiritual tourism but also many beautiful places

Dubbed the most sacred land in the Mekong River region, when mentioning An Giang, people only remember famous temples, many mysterious spiritual stories passed down from generation to generation. That is the reason that spiritual tourism, offering culture here is very popular and attracts many tourists. However, because of that, many people accidentally think that An Giang also has a green and wild beauty with many other attractions.

Ta Pa Lake

Dubbed the “Great Love Coc” of An Giang, Ta Pa Lake has unspoiled natural beauty and extremely “love” scenery. The lake is located in Tri Ton, Nui To commune, Tri Ton district, An Giang province, only 10 years old, from the result of the stone mining process accidentally creating a unique space that attracts many tourists. . The right time to visit the lake, fully enjoy the charming scenery here is in the floating season. If coming early in the morning, visitors can enjoy the fresh air and the morning sunlight illuminating the blue lake surface, creating a beautiful picture. If you come in the afternoon, the water in the lake will be shallower, visitors can wade down to feel the cool water and take advantage of taking some virtual photos.

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Anhao Solar Power Tourist Area

This resort is located at the foot of Cam Mountain, in An Hao commune, Tinh Bien district. This is a model combining artificial eco-tourism and extreme savannah. Here, you can admire the green of the fields under the solar battery, live virtual with the lake sparkling in the sun or visit interesting flocks of sheep… An Hao Solar Power Tourist Area It is a bright spot in the middle of the majestic scenery, surrounded by mountains and forests because many of the scenes are built specifically for tourism. In addition, when coming here, visitors can go to “Sao Mai Aquarium” to fully enjoy the charming scenery at the tourist area.

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Lake Otuksa

Otuksa Lake is located at the foot of Forbidden Mountain, near Otuksa waterfall, the people here call this lake “heavenly lake” because of its romantic and peaceful beauty. Around the lake are large lawns suitable for tourists to camp, organize barbecues with friends and relatives. For those who like to explore the deserted nature, enjoy the clear air and relax the soul, this is the ideal place in the journey to discover An Giang.

Source: Henry Duong, Phi Thong, Chau Le Nha Truc, Le Thai Khang, Wandering An Giang

Lake Latina

Lake Latina is located at the foot of Cam Mountain, a famous tourist destination bordering Tinh Bien and Tri Ton districts of An Giang province. Lake Latina was originally just a small lake, but because of its beautiful scenery, it quickly became a check-in point that attracted many people. This lake has a moderate depth of water, suitable for beautiful sightseeing sessions, taking pictures to keep memories with lovers and friends. A special feature of Lake Latina is the majestic beauty from the towering cliffs. In addition, the rocky outcrops with unique shapes are also a unique beauty that only Lake Latina has.

Source: Le Thai Khang, travelmag, MC Duc Hieu

Gate of Tual Prasat . Temple

Tual Prasat Pagoda, also known as Kon Kas Pagoda, is a Khmer temple following Theravada Buddhism. The pagoda is located in Chau Lang commune, Tri Ton district, An Giang province. People come here not for the sacred or for the legendary spiritual stories, the temple gate is the attraction. The gate has a typical design of Khmer culture, embossed patterns and decorative reliefs. The road to the temple gate is surrounded by immense fields of peace and green. If coming in December, the rice fields begin to ripen and bloom, so it is easy to stand anywhere and have beautiful pictures.

This temple gate is called “time gate”, “heaven’s gate”, “heaven’s gate”… because it is located alone in the middle of the sky with an old appearance.

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Tinh Bien palm jaggery field

This row of palm trees is located in the Phu Cuong mountain range, An Nong, Tinh Bien district, An Giang province. The palm tree is a tree associated with life and is considered a symbol of the people here. The rows of towering jaggery trees on both sides of the road create a poetic, immense scene, bearing the typical beauty of An Giang region. You should visit the jaggery field at the time of the floating season – which is considered the most beautiful time of the year to take pictures and visit.

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Tra Su Melaleuca Forest

Tra Su Melaleuca forest is about 30km from Chau Doc and only 10km from the Vietnam – Cambodia border area. This place follows the model of a typical wetland ecosystem that is quite famous when it comes to An Giang. At the Melaleuca forest, you will be immersed in the green natural space with many species of water birds and wild animals. This is considered a conservation area of ​​tropical creatures living in the Southwest region. The means that tourists often use to travel during the tour is the dinghy. On this canoe, you can freely live virtual life with green space, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, glide on the canoe, listen to the birds chirping and forget about the troubles of the city.

Source: Khanh Linh, Pictures Hoang Thuan Thien, Henry Duong, Nguyen Hai Yen

An Giang is the right place for visitors to immerse themselves in peace and forget the hustle and bustle of the crowded city. In addition to spiritual tourism, do not forget to combine visits to other landmarks to know that An Giang is also a tourist destination with many natural beauty not to be missed.

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