Angela Baby proves that natural beauty lasts forever

Over the years since entering the entertainment industry, Angela Baby has always been a controversial name for the authenticity of her beauty. Antifan insists that she interferes with the cutlery, even in 2012, antifan once “tricked” the beauty of the actress, thinking that the artificial face will sooner or later be damaged, the skin will be five senses. then it will degrade.

Before this suspicion, Angela Baby at that time strongly responded: “You think my face will sag? Then see me again in 10 years!”. And 10 years later, which is 2022, we already have the answer.

Angela Baby proves that natural beauty lasts forever - Photo 1.

On the left is Angela Baby 2012 and on the right is the beauty of the actress after 10 years – 2022

10 years ago, Angela Baby firmly asserted that she did not have plastic surgery, so there is nothing to fear about beauty fading over time. The above statement was recently dug up by a blogger, and so people had the opportunity to compare the past and present pictures of Angela. Indeed, the actress’s face is not wrinkled or horribly damaged like the challenge 10 years ago. Angela Baby of 10 years later replaces childish innocence with a mature, gentle appearance.

Looking back at a series of old photos when Angela Baby was new to the profession, netizens simultaneously said that the actress at that time was not as sharp as she is now, but all of her facial features were clear: high nose bridge, eyes 2 big round eyelids, V-line chin, elegant cheekbones… Angela Baby of a 16-17 year old girl has a chubby face with pure and lovely beauty. She is associated with chestnut brown hair color, wearing lotus pink lipstick – the lipstick color that any girl at that age uses.

Angela Baby proves that natural beauty lasts forever - Photo 3.

However, the beauty of Angela Baby has always been a controversial issue. It was so severe that the young lady felt uncomfortable, and had to go to the Chinese Academy of Orthopedic Surgery to prove her natural beauty.

In 2015, the director of this medical facility personally examined Angelababy Baby’s face and confirmed that her eye area and skin had no signs of cutlery intervention, meaning that she did not cut her eyelids. . The director also examined Angela Baby’s oral cavity, compared it with the CT scan results and concluded that she did not lift her nose, chin implant or modify the facial skeleton.

Looking back at Angela Baby’s beauty journey from childhood to adulthood, she will see that her face has really changed a lot. One of the most influential factors on the face, contributing significantly to this change, is Angela Baby’s braces. Not only helps the teeth to be beautiful and the bite in the right position, braces also have a great influence on other areas of the face.

Angela Baby proves that natural beauty lasts forever - Photo 5.

Braces help Angela Baby’s chin become elegant and easy to see, shape the V-line chin, make the actress’ face more compact, lower the cheekbones. In addition, in the case of Angela Baby, braces also somewhat shrink her nose.

Angela Baby proves that natural beauty lasts forever - Photo 6.

Undeniably, Angela Baby of the present is beautiful and luxurious in a salty, seductive style that is very different from the past. Replacing the sweet makeup of pink and brown eyes in the past, Angela Baby is now often associated with red lipstick and minimal makeup to highlight her bright white skin and clear five senses.

Angela Baby proves that natural beauty lasts forever - Photo 7.

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