Angelina Jolie’s company sues Brad Pitt for $250 million

Angelina Jolie's company sues Brad Pitt, demanding $250 million - Photo 1.

Two famous actors have been entangled in disputes and lawsuits since breaking up – Photo: FILMMAGIC

After Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt purchased the more than 1,300-acre Chateau Miraval property in the south of France in 2008, they spent tens of millions of dollars renovating and building the winery.

Jolie and Pitt each own a 50 percent stake through a complex network of equity firms, and most of Jolie’s personal fortune is tied to the winery.

The couple have an agreement that actress Maleficent will oversee humanitarian projects, including the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, while the oversight of the investment in Chateau Miraval is delegated to Pitt.

However, the actress side alleged that after the divorce in 2016, Brad Pitt appointed himself as the legal owner of Chateau Miraval, in order to appropriate assets of Jolie’s company – the company that co-owns the house. wine machine.

According to the lawsuit, Angelina Jolie’s side accuses Brad Pitt of wanting to retaliate for the divorce and gain custody of children, the actor carried out a campaign to gain control of the winery at the Chateau Miraval estate and appropriate public property. factory management company.

The lawsuit states that after filing for divorce, Pitt operated the winery without consulting Jolie, did not provide information and prevented his ex-wife from managing the property.

The actor is also said to have implemented a plan to transfer assets from Chateau Miraval to companies owned by him and friends, preventing his ex-wife from enjoying profits.

Angelina Jolie's company sues Brad Pitt, demanding $250 million - Photo 2.

Angelina Jolie’s side accuses Brad Pitt of wanting to take control of Chateau Miraval – Photo: AFP

The lawsuit alleges that after the divorce, Pitt squandered tens of millions of dollars of Chateau Miraval’s money on frivolous, unprofitable projects, such as spending $ 1 million to build a swimming pool.

In the process of negotiating shares in Chateau Miraval, the actress’s side accused her ex-husband of making unfair terms and not related to the purchase and sale of shares.

In it, there is a clause that prohibits Jolie from publicizing the events that led to the breakdown of their marriage. “Pitt knew that the majority of Jolie’s fortune was tied up by her stake in the winery and used that to coerce Jolie into agreeing to his absurd terms,” ​​the lawsuit states.

In October 2021, after Pitt ignored Jolie’s final offer, the actress sold shares to the Russian company Stoli.

Brad Pitt refused to cooperate with Stoli as a partner and sued his ex-wife to sell her shares in the joint property without his consent, intentionally causing him harm.

In addition to Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie’s company also sued Chateau Miraval directors Gary Bradbury, Roland Venturini and Warren Grant, as well as the actor’s business partners, including Marc Perrin, Familles Perrin and Miraval Provence.

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