Apple Faces Antitrust Complaint Over AirTags

Theo Engadget, the source said DOJ lawyers are in the early stages of drafting an antitrust complaint against Apple. While these sources suggest that the DOJ has an interest in Apple hardware, there is no guarantee the agency will take up a lawsuit at this point.

Apple faces antitrust complaint because of AirTags - Photo 1

AirTags is one of Apple’s newly introduced accessories

The DOJ began investigating Apple in 2019 as part of a larger US government antitrust investigation into Big Tech. So far, the agency has mainly focused on Apple’s control of the App Store and the payment system for developers. According to the report, the investigation could go further and resolve complaints coming from device maker Tile about Apple’s AirTags.


AirTags uses ultrawide technology and Apple’s Find My network to locate devices, which is far more accurate than Bluetooth-based trackers like Tile’s.

In testimony before the US Congress, Tile accused Apple of intentionally harming Tile on iOS devices by shutting down the Find My network. Apple then opened up its Find My network to third-party devices last year for location tracking, though the company has severe terms and restrictions that could lead to companies like Tile having to step down. abandoned their software ecosystem in favor of Apple. Tile did not accept these requests and declined to participate in the Find My network.

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