Apple fires a female senior manager for allegedly disclosing confidential information

Apple fired a female senior manager for allegedly disclosing confidential information - Photo 1.

Apple logo in a building – Photo (illustration): Yahoo

According to the news site The Verge, for the past several months, Ashley Gjøvik has publicly posted on Twitter the allegations of harassment, stalking, and safety-related issues in the Apple workplace.

“When I first raised workplace safety concerns in March of this year, I was almost immediately confronted with retaliation and intimidation. I braced myself for one major thing. exactly like this will happen,” Ms. Ashley Gjøvik told the media after the news of her dismissal.

“I’m disappointed that a company I’ve loved since I was a little girl treats its employees this way,” she continued.

In the information posted on the social network Twitter, Ms. Ashley Gjøvik said that she was bullied, harassed and sexist by her superior manager as well as members of the working group.

She also began raising privacy concerns regarding Apple’s policy that the company can search and track employees’ work phone numbers.

Ashley Gjøvik has been suspended from her job since early August while Apple investigates some of the concerns raised by her.

Responding to the site’s request for feedback The Verge About Ashley Gjøvik, Apple spokesman Josh Rosenstock said the company has always been dedicated to creating and maintaining a positive work environment that works for everyone.

“We take concerns very seriously and thoroughly investigate each time an issue is raised, and out of respect for the privacy of every individual involved, we do not discuss specific issues. of employees,” an Apple spokesperson said.


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