Apple is about to launch MacBook Air M2

Theo GizChina, WWDC is always an opportunity for Apple to present its new software, such as the next version of iOS or macOS. Even so, journalist Mark Gurman from Bloomberg thinks that Apple is also planning a new MacBook Air showcase at the event.

Apple is about to launch MacBook Air M2 - photo 1

WWDC 2022 taking place from June 6 promises to witness many announcements from Apple

On the other hand, the long-awaited virtual reality headset will not appear. This is considered disappointing for many people, especially when information about Apple’s first virtual reality headset as well as Reality OS has appeared quite a lot in recent times. Many reports show that Apple has done everything to make the product appear in time at WWDC 2022, but Mark Gurman does not believe this to happen.


Regarding the new product, although Apple is focusing on its mixed reality headset, I believe that is not the case with the upcoming presentation. Instead, if there is a new product at the event, it will definitely be a Mac product. Apple is expected to launch the MacBook Air M2 at the conference. The recent chip production crisis caused by Covid-19 has made it difficult for the product to appear, but Apple employees already use this new generation of MacBooks. This is a sign that the launch announcement is near.”

The MacBook Air M2 is one of Apple’s many years-anticipated products, especially with the new Apple M-series chip version on it. Citing unnamed sources, the newspaper Wall Street Journal Apple recently reported that Apple wants to increase the production of components for its devices (including iPhones and MacBooks) outside of China. The company has expressed this desire to some of its contractors, with India and Vietnam being the biggest potential locations for this expansion.

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