Apple sued by a group of French developers

Theo Neowin, the petition was filed by the plaintiff in federal court in Oakland, California (USA). The plaintiffs cited the company’s annual fees as well as the “expensive” 30% commission charged by Apple. The complaint indicates that Apple has leveraged its monopoly power over the distribution of apps on iOS-based mobile devices by delegating only one app store to developers.

Apple was sued by a group of French developers - Photo 1

Apple allegedly used its monopoly power to violate anti-competitive laws

The complaint filed in court states: “There is no appropriate justification in favor of Apple’s conduct, instead Apple’s actions are designed to destroy competition.”


The developer of the Figaro news app – Société du Figaro; developer of the sports news and streaming app L ‘Équipe – L ‘Équipe 24/24; and the French association of content providers – Le Geste are among the plaintiffs. Law firms Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro (USA) and Fayrouze Masmi-Dazi (France) represent the plaintiff in this class action.

The plaintiffs allege that Apple’s 30% commission over 14 years, along with a $99 annual fee for app developers, discourages innovation and consumer choice. They are seeking triple damages for violating federal antitrust and California law, along with rulings against other anticompetitive practices.

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