Apple to start using US-made chips from 2024

According to Bloomberg, the announcement was made by Apple CEO Tim Cook during an internal meeting with engineers and retailers in Germany. Cook also added that Apple could expand its chip supply from factories in Europe.

Apple will start using US-made chips from 2024 - Photo 1

TSMC chip factory in Arizona will go into operation from 2024

“We’ve made the decision to buy the plant in Arizona and it’s going to start operating in 2024, so we have about two years left, maybe a little less,” Cook said.

The report said that the Arizona factory will be operated by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) – Apple’s exclusive chip manufacturing partner, with the opening scheduled to take place in 2024. Besides, TSMC has also let eyes a second factory in the US as part of a broader program to increase chip production in the country.


Reportedly, Intel is also building factories in Arizona with the goal of opening as early as 2024. Intel has been Apple’s main supplier for many years, but it is difficult to regain this business after Apple replaces Intel processors in Macs and other products with its own processor chips.

TSMC said that the new factory will initially have a capacity of 20,000 chips per month and use a 5nm manufacturing process. While Apple already uses 4nm chips in its products and is preparing to move to 3nm, the company could use its Arizona manufacturing facility for less complex components while it waits for TSMC to switch over. better processing technology.

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