Are Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra easy to repair when something goes wrong?

According to GSMArenathe official repair guide for opening the device recently posted by Samsung suggests that mechanics need to use gel packs and high heat to do it.

Are Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra easy to repair when something goes wrong?  - 1 . photo

Dismantling Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra is not easy

X-rays of both devices provided by Creative Electron show that, even when using heat and carefully breaking the adhesive, the curved back of the Galaxy S22 Ultra still breaks when removed.

Two things that take up a lot of space in the Galaxy S22 Ultra are the S Pen silo and the 10x periscope camera cluster. To solve this problem, Samsung had to move the vibration motor and integrate it into the bottom speaker assembly.


The dismantling screen also reveals that the phone has more graphite tape, thermal glue, and a larger vapor chamber. These efforts show that more powerful chips are trying to catch up with Apple’s processors, at the expense of more heat. iFixit suggests Samsung should make the phone a bit thicker to be able to dissipate heat away from the chip more efficiently, while also giving more room to expand the battery.

Both phones are rated 3/10 for repairability. The only advantage to repairability is using standard Philips screws, but battery replacement is still difficult without the pull tab, the design of the phone also makes it difficult to repair the screen if encountered. try.

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