Arguing with her husband over a ‘childish’ story, the woman set fire to the other’s opponent alive in front of 3 small children, leaving a horrifying scene.

The Daily Star reported that a mother of five children from Victoria (Australia) was recently sentenced to 12 years in prison for murdering her husband by pouring a “significant” amount of gasoline on her opponent and setting fire to them. burn. It is worth mentioning that the incident stemmed from an unreasonable reason, besides, all 3 children of the couple had to witness the scene where the mother killed the father.

Records in the Supreme Court of Victoria identify the defendant as Angela Surtes (35), and the victim as her husband, Mr. Daniel. On January 25, 2020, Angela and Daniel returned to their home in Geelong City after having an argument at a friend’s engagement party. The reason for the controversy was because Angela was not satisfied with her husband’s behavior.

Daniel was sitting in his favorite armchair on the porch when Angela took a gas tank and poured it on her husband’s head, before pulling out a lighter. Initially, Daniel also had a challenge because he thought his wife would not dare to do the same to him, but in a moment Angela brought a gas tank and rushed over.

Arguing with her husband over petty matters, the woman set fire to the other's life in front of her 3 small children, leaving a terrifying scene - Photo 1.

Photo of the couple Angela Surtes and Daniel when they were still in love. The wife doused her husband with gasoline and burned him alive for an unworthy reason.

Judge Andrew Tinney said at the trial: “The defendant threatened Daniel with a lighter that was already lit near the victim… Then his body caught fire and was engulfed in flames.”

Three of the couple’s young children were at home at the time and witnessed the incident.

His son Daniel tried to put out the fire using a can of water, but the 36-year-old died tragically the next day from severe burns on 80% of his body surface.

Arguing with her husband over petty matters, the woman set fire to the other's life in front of her 3 small children, leaving a scene of horror - Photo 2.

The armchair in which Daniel sat was burned, blackened.

Angela’s murder charge was downgraded to manslaughter when she had previously made a deal with prosecutors, on the grounds that she only intended to scare her husband, not to end his life. ta.

Prosecutor Tinney described Angela’s actions as “outrageous”, “horrific” and “disturbing”, and said it was “a serious act of domestic violence”.

This woman has now been sentenced to 12 years in prison for manslaughter. What the public feels sorry for is their children. They have no place to turn when their mother is in prison and their father is dead. All because of petty disagreements that they could have sat down together to resolve.

Source: Daily Star

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